Weed Infused Vodka Preparation Guide

Weed Infused Vodka Preparation Guide

The well-loved alcohol drink vodka has come to a different level of goodness that involved the influence of cannabis. Alcohol lovers will be delighted with this new possibility discovered by marijuana enthusiasts. Weed infused vodka is today’s most wanted beverage.

There is really no need to choose between your two favorites. In one glass, there’s the high you’re seeking mixed with the soothing effect of alcohol. Not only can you deep-plunge your throat with this cannabis-infused vodka, pure and unblended, but you can also use this mixture as a base to your other marijuana edibles.

If drinking this alone and without other side dishes, it’s going to be a super mind-blowing sedating agent. It may not be for everybody to try because they may not be able to handle it easily. So, drinking this type of vodka should be slow and at a moderated amount only. Unlike when smoking cannabis, the kick starts as soon as it sets inside your throat.

Weed-Infused Vodka Preparation Guide

In adding this to tinctures and edibles like gummies, cocktails, and brownies, you should be completely aware that there is a small difference when it comes to the steps that need to be followed. That includes the evaporation process that must be performed for the alcohol to boil off and until it leaves behind only its purest weed concentrate.

So here’s the guide to properly preparing your very own weed-infused vodka that you’ve been waiting for. There are actually two methods to choose from.

First Method – Soaking the Cannabis in Vodka

  1. The ingredients you will need for this method are the following:
    • Your chosen spirit, in this case, a vodka
    • Cannabis buds of your choice should be either fresh and not.
  2. The important tools you will use in the preparation of your own weed-infused vodka drink are:
    • Thermometer
    • Cheesecloth
    • Double boiler

Step #1

Prepare the double boiler and set it into the lowest temperature.

Step #2

Chop or grind your cannabis buds in medium-size and place them in cheesecloth to squeeze them. The buds have to be secured properly inside the cheesecloth. For the best result of getting strongly high, the perfect buds to use are dry cannabis, which already had one pass through the decarboxylation process before. 

Step #3

Pour some of your precious vodkas into the double boiler and put in also the weed package that you have made earlier. Leave it in the boiler to get infused for two to three hours. Double-check the temperature inside the boiler to be sure that it is not higher than 60 degrees Celsius. The length of time that you let the alcohol stay in your body is up to you, whether you want more taste of the alcohol or just stick with it. 

Step #4

The final phase. Remove the remaining vodka drink from the mixture and transfer it into a glass bottle or any other container. Wait for the mixture to cool down before putting the lid and storing it in a cool and dry place. To further remove the impurities in your vodka, you may use a coffee filter to do that.

Method II

In this unique technique, you will need cannabis-induced honey. This is made by extracting its flavors and aroma through the help of coconut oil. Mix the coconut oil with the honey and let it boil not exceeding 60 degrees Fahrenheit so your cannabis buds will not be burnt and lose everything it ever contained.

Step 1: After preparing the weed-infused honey, the other ingredients may also be prepared at this point in the creation. 

  • Decarbed cannabis buds 
  • Honey
  • Coconut oil
  • Some delicious vodka that you like

Then the kitchenware that shall be used are:

  • A jar
  • A saucepan containing some boiling water
  • Blender
  • Cheesecloth
  • Thermometer

Step #1

Prepare the cannabis honey that is placed safely sealed in a jar. Put the jar on the saucepan with some boiling water. Using low heat only, leave the jar for two hours so the cannabis oil will be extracted.

Step #2

Afterward, filter the extraction using the cheesecloth. This way, all the large particles that are remaining can be removed already. 

Step #3

Add a small amount of cannabis oil into your honey. Stir it well.

Step #4

Pour in some vodka and stir it well also. Make sure to combine everything completely.

Step #5

Store the vodka in a bottle and drink some anytime you’re up for some refreshment.

Side Effects of Drinking Weed-Infused Vodka

Although it’s really satisfying to enjoy both worlds, mixing weed and alcohol such as vodka may not be as healthy as you think it is. Several studies have shown the risks that this kind of drink may post on the human body after regular intake. Some of those dangers are on the list below. Read and find out more before trying to drink one.

1. Intensified THC’s Impact on the Body

Alcohol and cannabis are two distinct drugs that, when combined, will lead you to double the effects you usually experience when consuming one of them. The body, particularly the liver, digests alcohol first, and it shall take an hour for it to digest all the other substances that enter the body. While THC remains what it is, its psychoactive effect will continue to work on your body. 

2. Chance of Experiencing Overdose

Because you are loaded with two very powerful drugs, it’s not impossible for your body to feel a kind of overwhelmed feeling because of it. And, as you might know, being a cannabis lover for some time, THC does not always have nice effects on your body. It can even lead to alcohol poisoning and some other feelings that can be fatal to some people.

3. Mental Impairment

You become unaware of reality when you’re high with weeds, how much more if it’s been mixed with alcohol? No chance of clear thinking and good judgment. Your mind’s normal function may not be reliable this time and can even make you impulsive and indecisive while under its influence.

4. Worsen Dehydration

One side effect the alcohol alone can have on your body is that of being diuretic or which causes you to urinate more frequently. It can be the reason for you to lose more water than normal, and it shall become worse than that if infused with cannabis.

5. Long-term Effects

There are several problems that happen to people who are addicted to using both substances. It includes a higher chance of developing heart issues, liver problems, and also kidney problems, to name a few. Instead of one, it may be more than that by the time that you drink alcohol and weed together.

6. Psychological Effects

American Psychiatric Association once discussed that drugs as powerful as these two greatly affects one’s mental condition. Too much consumption of these two drugs can lead you to suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.

Final Thoughts

If refreshment is what you’re after, drinking weed-infused vodka may not be the one you should be looking for, especially if you do not want to be wasted and end up suffering from some very bad conditions. But, of course, it’s good to have a taste of it at least once. Other than that, it is up to you to try it at home and challenge yourself in making the best tasting weed-infused vodka in the world. If you value your health more than anything else, then this may make you hesitate for a while. But if ever you do try it one day, be sure to just take it nice and slow, savor every drop and remember to have a limit for yourself and avoid its worse side effects. Enjoy your drink!