Weed Hangover: Symptoms and Cure

Weed Hangover

The widespread legalization of marijuana use in different states in the US and across many countries all over the world has perked the interests of many to try cannabis through different methods. While many have thoroughly enjoyed the use of marijuana through its psychoactive and medical effects, some have suffered from weed hangover.

But what is weed hangover and is it similar to the hangover you experience after a night of alcohol indulgence? Are there signs and symptoms that you experience to tell that you are suffering from this type of hangover? Can marijuana even cause a hangover in the first place?

What is a Weed Hangover and What Causes It?

Little is known if there is indeed a thing called weed hangover. Many medical professionals have accepted the fact that overindulgence in marijuana does lead to weed hangover much like consuming too much alcohol. Effects of weed hangover vary from person to person the same way as the effects of smoking marijuana differ from one individual to another. 

A weed hangover usually happens when a consumer smokes too much weed that it debilitates their ability to function properly after the effects are gone. Much like any other hangover, these adverse effects are experienced the day after smoking too much weed. A study published in 1985 discovered that traces of THC and its effects crossover a day after consuming too much weed and has led to many different reactions to the volunteers of the study. While the study remains to be backed up by several more research, it did conclude that there is more to weed hangover than what it seems.

Research also suggests that weed hangover is commonly caused by overconsumption much like in alcohol. However, those who consume edibles and extracts are far more likely to overconsume thereby increasing the risk of weed hangover than those who smoke it. There are also strains of marijuana that are potent enough that they linger for days after consuming it due to how the body metabolizes the edibles.

Symptoms of Weed Hangover

While hangovers are usually linked to too much alcohol, it can also be associated with consuming too much weed. These uncomfortable symptoms are usually experienced a day after taking marijuana. Some might have severe symptoms while others manifest lighter ones. The symptoms of cannabis hangover include:

  1. Dry red eyes.
  2. Dry mouth.
  3. Impaired memory.
  4. Impaired learning.
  5. Low motor function.
  6. Lethargy.
  7. Dehydration.
  8. Low attention span.
  9. Decreased concentration.
  10. Decreased motor coordination.

These symptoms often lead to poor performance whether at work or even while you are at home. Those who engage in cannabis use will need to understand how and why these symptoms came to be. Dehydration is often the most common symptom due to cannabis hyperemesis syndrome. Dehydration causes dry mouth and dry red eyes and can lead to severe headaches. It can persist for several hours.

Other symptoms such as impaired memory or memory loss can happen and can even last up to several days. It is also known that the more marijuana you use the more likely the hangover symptoms will become severe the next day.

These symptoms occur due to the main cannabinoid compound called THC. This compound is what causes all the effects when you consume weed. When an individual consumes more than the regular dose of cannabis, the compound, and its effects linger further even after the desired effects has left the body. Inexperienced marijuana users are commonly associated with weed hangover as they do not know their threshold.

How To Manage Weed Hangover

While these symptoms subside on their own, there will be times that it can be a nuisance. Work performance can be affected if you have a weed hangover therefore, a quick resolution is needed for you to continue with your day’s work.

One of the best and effective ways of managing a hangover is through proper hydration. Drink lots of fluids so the body can flush out all the compounds. This will also reduce the risk of dehydration from smoking weed. Drinking coffee also helps deal with the hangover but make sure to drink lots of other fluids after as coffee can cause further dehydration. 

Another key element to dealing with weed hangover is exercise. Exercise helps burn fat as THC is normally stored in body fat. Burning the fat through exercise burns the compounds as well. Exercise also helps keep your energy levels high throughout the day and allow you to function properly at work.

Rest is another key method of managing a hangover. This does not mean that you should be sleeping or lying in bed all day. Make sure that after you have smoked weed to have at least 8 hours of sleep so the body can recover.

A well-rounded breakfast the moment you wake up is another easy solution to get rid of the hangover. Make sure that you have all the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals needed for proper recovery served well into your breakfast plate. This will help sustain you for the rest of the day as you go to sleep in the evening.

Lastly, a good cold shower should reduce these hangover symptoms. Nothing like a soothing cold shower together with some essential oils to help calm your nerves and smoothen your day. A shower also helps put you in a good mood and make you feel more positive instead of sulking in pain for the rest of the day.


If you find yourself consistently experiencing weed hangover every time you smoke one, this could mean that there is a far deeper issue at hand. This could easily mean that you are addicted to marijuana and a proper medical approach is needed for you to recover. 

If these symptoms are only present once in a while or if you actively know that you have overindulged in weed, be sure to follow the steps above to properly manage your weed hangover. Always make sure that you know your tolerance when it comes to consuming weed.