Ways of Storing Weed Seeds

There are several ways on how marijuana seeds can be stored but two of the most commonly done are: storing marijuana seeds in a dry, dark and cooler room and the second one is through storing pot seeds in a refrigerator. These two ways are found to be effective in preserving the quality of the marijuana seeds and to ensure high rate of germination.
If the pot seeds will be placed in a refrigerator, put them first in a container with an airtight lid so as not to allow any presence of moisture that can damage the seeds. You may use a Tupperware container because this type is an airtight one. You may have heard about freezing pot seeds for quality preservation. Some who have tried doing it have claimed that this process can help maintain the quality of the seeds but please be warned that in freezing, some of the marijuana seeds may have ruptured cell structures.
If marijuana seeds are stored in a cool, dark and dry area, watch for any presence of moisture. Moisture build up can damage the seeds and lower the germination rate. To prevent moisture from damaging your pot seeds, you can place the seeds in an air-tight container. Put a desiccant inside the container as this will help in the prevention of moisture build-up that can invite molds and bacteria to thrive in.
What is the effect of the humidity level when storing marijuana seeds?
Humidity can influence seed germination. It is said that humidity can help the marijuana seeds to germinate well. Storing pot seeds from 38 to 41 degrees and packing them in an airtight container, the seeds can last for several years. Storing cannabis seeds this way will help maintain their quality for about 3 to 5 years.
What is a desiccant and how it helps in the proper storage of pot seeds?
Several growers and breeders who want to preserve the quality of marijuana seeds are using desiccant which is placed inside the container with seeds. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that is good in absorbing moisture and removing the excess dampness inside the container. Also known as a humectant, silica gel is the most commonly used. With a desiccant inside an airtight sealed container, no excess moisture will be retained and the marijuana seeds stored can maintain their good quality over the years. Whether you want to store your weed seeds in a refrigerator or in a cool and dark area, put them first in a plastic container and place a desiccant to prevent moisture build-up.