The Paper Towel Method of Germinating Weed Seeds

The success of a marijuana project starts from the germination process of cannabis seeds. If the percentage of germination is high, large yield can also be expected. The amount and the quality of the harvest are affected with how the seeds are germinated. Get good quality pot seeds so you can be assured of high germination success. There are several methods of germinating cannabis seeds and the paper towel method is the most commonly used.
Pease note that marijuana seeds can germinate very well when they are placed in a warm and moist environment. High level of humidity is better but not too much because it will invite molds and pests to thrive in. Water is the key to the success of pot seed germination. Always make sure that paper towels won’t get dry because it will cause marijuana seeds to die. If pot seeds do not get enough moisture, it will result to poor germination rate.
What is the role of water in marijuana seed germination?
As said earlier, water is the key for a successful germination of marijuana seeds. Water is important in pot seed germination because without it, the seeds can die. Cannabis seeds are covered with hard coatings that will only be softened when the seeds are soaked in water. During the entire process of germination, the cannabis seeds need water so roots will start to develop. It’s the water that will activate the metabolic functions needed for the germination process.
How to successfully germinate cannabis seeds using the paper towel method?
The paper towel method is proven an effective way of germinating marijuana seeds. Prepare all the necessary tools for seed germination like small plates/cups, tweezers, water (preferably distilled) and of course, the paper towels and the marijuana seeds. Before working on your cannabis seeds, wash your hands thoroughly and do not touch the seeds using your hands. In handling the pot seeds, always use tweezers to avoid contamination. Place the marijuana seeds on a small plate with paper towels moistened with water. Do not place the ganja seeds so close to each other and put a small gap between them to allow proper germination. Put another sheet of moistened paper towel above the seeds and cover with another plate. You can keep the seeds in a warm and dark place or you may put them inside the zip bag. Just leave the zip bag open. In a day or two, the cannabis seeds will show cracks and tiny roots will start to come out.