Understanding THC Detox and How it Works

THC detox

Have you ever had the time when you need to take a break from weed? Usually, this happens because you need to test for cannabis as companies require their employees to pass a drug test. THC detox or taking a break from weed’s psychoactive component is also done if you think that THC is not working for you like before.

Like most drugs, long term use of cannabis may cause tolerance. A strain that had you flying with just one puff is not as potent anymore; a once highly-potent strain for pain seems to work poorly on your arthritis. By following a THC detox program, you can safely and effectively remove THC from your system. You’ll be starting a new the next time you take weed; you’ll feel as if you’re taking marijuana for the first time.

How THC Detox Works

THC detox is simply avoiding weed gradually until you can function properly without it. Take note that marijuana withdrawal has to be considered at this time as you will feel different symptoms related to it. If you’re a regular user, your body will naturally crave for weed daily, even twice or thrice a day. Removing weed from your daily activities will make your days different.

When you consume marijuana, you will experience immediate effects. But once these effects are not felt anymore, the metabolites of weed remain in your system. These metabolites are the remnants of cannabis and will stay in your body and can be detected by drug tests.

Drug tests in the form of urine, blood, hair, or saliva tests usually look for the presence of THC as well as its metabolites. The most common of all drug tests for marijuana is urine as it’s easy to collect and test. THC and its metabolites also stay for a very long period in a person’s urine than other specimens.

The metabolite that urine drug tests and other forms of tests look for is the one called THC-COOH. This metabolite remains in the fatty tissues of the body.

About THC Detox Remedies

Most of the THC or marijuana detox products aim to flush out any kind of detectable THC. The most common detox products in the market are drinks, capsules, tablets, mouthwashes, and shampoos- all these help you pass any drug test.

Detox cleansing products and teas can reduce THC levels using their natural diuretic properties. An expert said that these products will make you pee a lot and this will help wash out the kidneys clean. Kidney flushing has a downside. This can reduce the specific gravity or the density of your urine. In a urine test, having low specific gravity could mean contamination of the specimen and may be discounted.

Drug cleansing and teas may also change the level of creatinine in your urine which is another factor that drug tests are specifically looking at. The technician checking your urine may presume that you are trying to cheat your urine. You’re likely going to be asked to take the urine test another time.

How Long Does THC Remain in Your System?

THC may remain for a long time in the body and its metabolites detected in the urine, blood, and fatty tissues. The length of time that THC remains in the body depends on many factors including metabolism and eating habits, body fat percentage, exercise routine, and the frequency and the quantity of cannabis use. And due to these factors, there is no specific detection time for THC. Some experts say that this cannabinoid can remain in your system from two days to many months.

In the urine, THC metabolites can be detected even when you have undergone detox. A study claimed that traces of delta 1-THC in urine can remain as long as a month after use.

In the body’s fatty tissues, THC can slowly spread to the bloodstream. From a study in 2013, exercise can make THC move out of the fatty tissues and to the blood.

In the blood, THC can remain detectable up to a week but this depends on how often you use cannabis. If you consume cannabis daily then you will have marijuana metabolites in your system longer than a person who smokes occasionally.

So How to Do THC Detox?

Knowing how THC remains in your system and how it is removed, consider the following techniques to perform THC detox:

1. Exercise Can Remove THC from Fatty Tissues

If you have weeks before a drug test or you want to get off THC for good, exercise using cardio routines can help. You can jog, swim, ride your bike, dance, or perform other cardio workouts at home or in a gym. As long as you feel an increase in heart rate, you sweat, you are removing THC from your body.

2. Use Detox Products as Early as Possible

Use any detox products as early as you can. There are so many products to choose from like juices, shakes, tablets, and capsules. But make sure to check for quality, safety, and effectiveness.

3. Hydrate Yourself

Drink plenty of water or liquids. Consider beverages, juices, soups, gelatins, and other liquids that can help you keep hydrated daily.

4. Stay Healthy and Stress-free

It’s best to keep healthy and stress-free as you perform THC detox. This is because a healthy body is better at removing THC and its metabolites than a sick one. Don’t forget to deal with any medical issues ASAP; visit your doctor.

5. Stay Away from Weed as Early as Possible

Keep away from weed as soon as you can. This includes all forms of marijuana, not just smokables: cannabis edibles, tinctures, oils, concentrates, supplements, teas, capsules, and tablets.

6. Consult Your Doctor

If you use cannabis for a medical condition, consult your doctor before you take any THC detox products or you commit to a THC detox program.

Consider safe and effective THC detox. Always manage symptoms especially withdrawal symptoms. You’ll be free from THC soon when you follow these effective techniques.