Must-Have List of Strains High in Terpinolene

strains high in terpinolene

There are various kinds of marijuana. If your goal is to be familiarized with the different strains and the things they contain, then this article is perfect for you. If you have cultivated or used cannabis before, you would be familiar with some of the strains’ piney and woody smell. Those smells are the things common in the marijuana plant. 

You should know the list of strains high in terpinolene, and it is important that you know what they do with the cannabis. Through the help of this article, you would be able to have a wide knowledge of terpinolene and the strains that are high in terpinolene. 

What is Terpinolene?

One of the terpenes, which marijuana makes, is the terpinolene. If you notice flavors and fragrance from cannabis, it is caused by the chemical, which is called terpenes. Aside from the flavors and fragrance, it also gives a part of marijuana’s effects. Terpinolene can be used for giving flavors of the foods and drinks, freshening the air, producing resins and plastics, and products for your personal care. 

It is common that terpinolene can be found in sativa dominant kind of marijuana with high THC. If you would like to know the strains with high in terpinolene, you must see the list of the strains. 

List of Strains High in Terpinolene

Strains that are dominant with terpinolene are not so common, but you can notice them because of the good flavors they contain. You can classify the strains as sativas, hybrids, and even indica. Almost all of the terpinolene strains are dominant in THC. Here are the lists of strains with high Terpinolene that you should be familiar with:

 1. Golden Pineapple

This strain contains an equal percentage of sativa and indica with 50 percent indica as well as 50 percent sativa. Users will be able to notice this strain because it smells like pineapple, and it tastes like pineapple, too. Golden Pineapple strain has 22 percent of THC. Hence, those beginners should be more careful with this strain. There are some reports that show how helpful it is to alleviate fatigue, relieving stress, and it will help you in gaining appetite, too. The terpinolene percentage it contains is 0.95 %. 

This strain comes from the crossing of the Golden Goat strain and the Pineapple Kush. The effects you will get from this strain are uplifting at the same time it will make its users’ to be more creative. Apart from that, it will give you the energy that your body needs. 

2. Dutch Treat

It is a kind of strain that is dominant with indica. It has 80% indica with an average of 24 % THC. It has a very good smell, and it has a fruity like flavor with a combination of pine flavor. This is a good strain to use for those who are suffering from anxiety as well as depression. Its users will be able to get a good sleep upon consuming this weed, and it will reduce pain. Dutch Treat contains about 0.71 % of terpinolene. 

This strain has tight buds that are sticky, and it smells sweet. It will result in an uplifting effect and euphoric high. It is good for relaxing your mind. 

3. XJ – 13

This strain is a largely sativa kind of strain. It is from the crossing of Jack Herer strain and G13 Haze strain. It has 22 % of THC, and this strain contains a smell of citrus with a combination of pine and earthy aroma. The high from this strain will kick in fast, which helps the users in alleviating depression, stress, and even fatigue. XJ – 13 contains 0.66 % of terpinolene. 

If you want to try consuming marijuana without the adverse reaction of paranoia, then you can choose this strain. Aside from relieving stress, it can help you with changing moods. 

4. Jack Herer

This is a known strain, and it contains 55 % of sativa and 21 % of THC. This is a classic strain, and it has a flavor of pine and citrus with a combination of skunky flavor. This weed is a good remedy for depression, chronic pain, and anxiety. It contains terpinolene at about 0.42 %. 

The combination among the Haze strain, Northern Lights # 5, as well as Shiva Skunk, resulted in this known strain. It gives a cerebral effect as well as creative effects. If you wish to cultivate this weed, you can do that in an area with Sunny climate, which you will have to wait for fifty – seventy days. 

5. Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is sativa dominant strain with 80 %, and it contains about 28 % of THC. You must take extra caution in using this weed due to its high THC. Some cannabis users like this weed because of its citrus and sweet fragrance. If you will be able to handle and control this strain’s high, it is very helpful in alleviating cramps and muscle pain. This strain has 0.28 % of terpinolene. 

6. J1

This is also known as Jack One. This strain comes from the cross of the two known strains, which are the Skunk #1 and the Jack Herer. It provides an uplifting effect and a clear-headed effect. This weed provides a sweet fragrance. Users can rely on this strain for alleviating stress, depression, anxiety, pain, as well as fatigue. 

7. Golden Goat

This strain contains 18.5 % of THC. It has a fragrance of sour, sweet, and a mix of the spicy smell with a fruity taste. The effects of this strain are euphoric and creative. It helps its users in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, pain, and fatigue. 

8. Orange Cookies

This strain comes from the combination of Orange Juice and GSC. You will expect a strong fragrance from this strain. It smells like citrus and sweet. It will provide a calming effect as well as a euphoric high. If you take this weed, you will feel more relaxed and happy. 


Terpinolene gives good flavors and smells to the strains. Aside from that, it gives good benefits that can be very helpful for the users. It is very rare for you to find strains with high terpinolene. Hence, the above list is very helpful for you to know those high terpinolene strains of cannabis. In choosing from those strains, you have to choose the one that is suitable for you.