Smoking Weed on Empty Stomach: Is it Safe?

smoking weed on empty stomach

The strong, enticing effects of cannabis are really irresistible that you cannot let a chance pass that you won’t be grabbing on a joint or blunt to savor some high moments. As long as you have some of that bud you always loved, you should be fine to smoke anytime you like and anywhere. But, how about smoking weed on an empty stomach? Do you think you can take it?

Some of you may be having this thought kept in your mind that makes you doubt about its effect on your health. Because you love it so much, here’s an article to tell you more about that so you would not have to worry anymore about that the next time you try smoking one of those buds.

Smoking Weed: Effects and Benefits

First and foremost, cannabis smoking is the most famous way that people discovered using marijuana, and until now, it is still one of the favorites. No doubt about that because it’s easy to prepare and so much perfect in getting anyone high. There are various benefits that they can achieve from this manner of cannabis consumption, some of those are on the list below.

  1. Prevents anxiety – this effect may, however, differ from one person to another. Some are claiming that smoking cannabis helps them relax, while others experience their anxiety become worse each time they use the drug.
  2. Relief from glaucoma – because marijuana has an anti-inflammatory property, signs of glaucoma or the pressure likely felt within the eyes. However, it can only last for a short period.
  3. Increases the craving for food – this is particularly beneficial to people with anorexia and other eating disorder, as well as those who are being treated from cancer and AIDS. But, this can be bad news to those on a diet since it will prevent them from saying “no” to eating.
  4. Anti-nausea and vomiting – marijuana is known to have an impact on the side effects of chemotherapy. This drug helps with lessening the chance of you feeling dizzy or uneasy in a way.
  5. Pain-killing effect – marijuana is guilty of making you get lost in another world, relaxed, and numb from everything else that’s going on around you. So, even your most painful experiences and physical conditions all go away just like that.
  6. Symptoms of depression – just like with anxiety, this may vary from person to person as a result of their body reaction. It may have an uplifting effect or a feeling of being lonelier than before. It’s usually any of the two extreme feelings.
  7. Energizing and helps activate your senses – cannabis has been sought-after by various cannabis enthusiasts in the globe for its ability to bring you an energizing feeling inside so you get all your senses working for several hours.

Side Effects of Smoking Weed

Along with the benefits that one gets from smoking, marijuana is its various adverse influence on the body. It involves many parts of the body, which can be from mild to severe ones. Check the list below and find out how else the smoke of marijuana can affect you.

  1. Impaired judgment – one of the main properties of marijuana, which is THC has the capacity to alter or manipulate the brains’ functions, which can lead to confusion and paranoia when it’s already worse. 
  2. Red Eyes – this condition is due to the expansion or swelling of some blood vessels in the eyes when too much of the drug has been consumed.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms – because of marijuana’s addicting appeal, there is a great chance that people will suffer a hard time getting over its use.
  4. Memory issues – the drug’s influence on the brain is just not that easy to handle especially when one has become a regular user of marijuana for some time. In such a case, they might suffer from the inability to make fresh memories as a result of their hippocampus being affected by THC.
  5. Bronchitis – smoking buds regularly is what causes this to happen. The bronchial passages going to your lungs become irritated with such a habit, eventually ending with bronchitis.
  6. Lung irritation – all smoking activities are the same such as with weeds and tobacco. They all leave carcinogens or toxic chemicals that irritate the lungs and lead to lung irritation.
  7. Slow reaction time – as the brain gets affected, so as your ability to balance and coordinate your movements. If not properly managed, it shall lead to slowed reactions and reflexes.

Illnesses Acquired Due to Empty Stomach

Gastroparesis is a top illness that originates from the problem of having an empty stomach frequently or for such a long period. It is a disorder that ends up with patients having nausea, vomiting, and sometimes also delayed gastric emptying or simply worse than having a slow metabolism.

Other complications that come from acquiring this condition have also been discovered, and that includes the following:

  • Viral infections
  • Some types of cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Thyroid problems
  • Amyloidosis or an abnormality due to the excess amount of protein which has built up in somebody organs

Smoking Weed on Empty Stomach

From such a study, another controversial question aroused pertaining to whether it is fine to smoke the bestselling cannabis plant while suffering from an empty stomach. Similar to a prescribed medication’s effect on the body, some people may not need anything in their stomach to experience the effectiveness of the drug, while others need the other way around.

Back in the discussion of the side effects that marijuana can have on the body, it was mentioned that slowed reaction is acquired when one smokes cannabis. This includes your ability to move with both your hands and feet, your senses working as one, and others. Inside that stomach, you also have to receive a command that comes from somewhere inside your body, too. Such command should be from the brain, which is the center of the human body.

Thus, if the brain gets numbed by the drug’s THC content, there is likely that you experience adverse effects when your stomach is empty. It causes a burning feeling to your mouth and throat when you inhale its smoke. And, when it is ingested orally, too, there shall be a feeling of vomiting and nausea as well. 

When the drug gets into your liver and the liver processes the bud or drug, it becomes affected, too, and damaged later on. So, if you are planning to smoke cannabis without eating anything or have an empty stomach, think again. Why won’t you eat before grabbing something put into your stomach, right?

Final Thoughts

Smoking weed on an empty stomach may be so much delight as it makes you higher than ever mentally and physically. But, as for keeping yourself healthy and without illness, trying it doesn’t seem to be a good start. A lot of different ways can be done to savor the wonderful effects of weeds, which you can try. Eating before taking any other drugs, and even alcohol is advised to prevent yourself from suffering anything that will make you regret it in the end. Prepare yourself for the amazing high experience by eating something nice before smoking a joint. Nothing could be more satisfying when both your stomach and brain agree with one thought, and it is that marijuana is truly an extraordinary plant!