Short Flowering (45 – 55 days)

Why order short flowering marijuana seeds?

If you want to finish quick, and then grow short flowering marijuana seeds because they are the one that will grow into a quick flowering marijuana plant. We have cheap marijuana seeds for sale in this category and we offer worldwide shipping for all of the marijuana strains that we have for sale in our website.

Why do these strains differ from the other marijuana strains?

Well, each type of marijuana really differs a lot from each other. Each marijuana strain is unique and you are assured that you will find some differences for each strain that can make you amazed with this plant. If you want to smoke quick or if you don’t want to go through the long period of growing your marijuana plants, then you might want to order some short flowering marijuana seeds to grow so that you will get a quick flowering marijuana strain.

How to grow quick flowering marijuana strains?

Like any other marijuana plants, quick flowering marijuana need some care. For as long as you are giving them with the appropriate light, nutrients, soil, water and growing method then you will get the best result out from your grow. If you are hesitant to grow your own marijuana plant because you are a first timer then you can buy a growing marijuana book. Or if you don’t want to go for a long period of growing, then buy some quick flowering marijuana strains just like what you are viewing now and you will get what you wanted.