Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds

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Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its faster flowering and very high THC content. This sweet strain has 21 percent THC and thus can make you relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, and sleepy. It is also a medicinal strain that can relieve anxiety, insomnia, migraines, stress, and depression.

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10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About CBD Zkittlez (1:1)

A Sweet Candy and Grapes in One

The tag CBD Zkittlez can be unlikely to ring a bell, though this strain is not something you can merely overlook. With ideal combinations for CBD and THC, it discreetly gives mild mental change. Indicating, it produces a soft mind kick that is deficient to lose your dignity. In other words, this strain will make you seem elated and carefree without having to experience couch-lock. Its physical power is slightly soothing and easy-going.

At completion, it merely grows up to 3 ft (90cm) in height. It normally grows wide-blade eaves, though a narrow structure leaves may likewise develop. Pruning the canopy, this strain boosts adequate light penetration and ventilation. It limits dampness accumulation, which, in exchange, lessens the risks of pathogen and disease outbreaks. Rest assured, as the weed is highly resistant and can endure bad weather.

Crushing them up enhances the bitter, lemon hints, providing the smell a touch of pungent push. When lit, it gives a solid yet delightful smoke that tastes like grapes and sweets.

1 review for Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds

  1. Teofil Borkowski

    I’ve read a lot of positive reviews, and I believe based on the reviews this strain was great. So I decided to get 10 seeds of pack. And started to grow it at my backyard. Unbelievable, easy to grow this one. No issues at all and hope fully will harvest great buds. Thanks for this product!

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