Yumbolt Marijuana Seeds

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Yumbolt Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica strain with very high THC at 24%. It is an early bloomer at 8 to 10 weeks growing buds with earthy, nutty, lemon, sweet, and skunky flavors. This strain will make you relaxed and euphoric, and thus it’s perfect for the relief of anxiety, insomnia, stress, depression, and migraines.

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More About Yumbolt Autoflower

A Yummy Uplifting Bliss

Yumbolt Autoflower is a mostly Indica cross marijuana strain that conceived out of the fusion of a traditional Lowryder 2 Ruderalis and Yumbolt strain. The weed is quite tricky to spot and exposes its accessibility to the counters very seldom. When it appears, it markets out in what appears like a split second. Controlling the mind with Indica features, its austere character drops an enduring rest in its consumers.

This amazing strain can provide a huge harvest in alfresco gardening and has been identified to hold crystal-coated resin. Grown to generate more products with the aid of its parent, producers of this plant must appreciate no less than two yields in a year.

Medically, the soothing high largely concentrates on physical-centered benefits. Its blend of muscle-relaxing, painkiller, and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a threefold menace toward pain-causing diseases like migraines, eye pressure, and PMS. Pressures, aches, and pains fade out.

1 review for Yumbolt Marijuana Seeds

  1. Carolina Yudina

    This is one of the best among I tried. So my review for this is only positive. I have chronic athritis and this one helps my pain be gone. Such a killer pain. Just like a monster plant. Healthy one. Big leaves and buds! I am a happy customer!

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