White Widow x Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow x Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with high THC at 20%, which is why it’s very relaxing, euphoric, and stimulating. It is a strain for beginners as it can grow in almost all environments, from the sunny Mediterranean to cool or cold climates. You will also love its herbal, pungent, citrus, and skunky flavors.

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More About White Widow x Crystal Meth Autoflower

Fast, Potent, Resinous Buds

A perfect combination is exactly what the hybrid between Crystal Meth and White Widow is. This somewhat Indica-dominant cross has its origins’ premium resin composition. When puffed, it produces a mild body stone and an ecstatic mental drive. It soothes without the danger of suffocating cannabis enthusiasts in a cerebral whirlwind.

It flowers promptly at 70 days and will supply your buds with a huge THC content.  As regards to nurturing requirements, this strain needs a warm, mild environment. It may be planted either outdoors or indoors or within an arboretum, providing you have it dry and warm. White Widow x Crystal Meth produces 2 to 3 ounces per weed outdoors and 18 to 10 ounces/m2 indoors.

Its pungent smell issues with herbal and citrus undertones. Powerful yet likewise smooth, its skunky aroma conveys precisely to its flavor. The common stinkiness is the dominant taste. With a touch of mixed herbs and sprinkles of citrus zest, it excites the spirits in each puff.

1 review for White Widow x Crystal Meth Marijuana Seeds

  1. Manfredo Lettiere

    I have waited for me to review because I need to see the results first of this strain. I chose this because it is recommendable by the others. And based on my growing experience, this is a great strain. This has a good yield and genetics. You will not have any issues growing this. Because this is an easy to grow plant. I am satisfied with the outcome. And will definitely buy again!

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