White Widow Marijuana Seeds Regular

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a pungent and spicy-sweet flavor and aroma. This is a classic strain, the mother of most of the strains we know and love today. It is an energetic, uplifting, focused, and euphoric strain with heavy yields. It has 25% THC and yields up to 900 grams per plant outdoors, growing tall at 200 cm high.

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25 Seeds $140.00
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More About White Widow (Regular)

A popular variant due to its great resin production, White Widow, is a seed strain filled with exceptional potential. It has become popular as an agent in producing hash due to its rich trichome encasement. With its diverse genetics from an indica and sativa heredity, it has been bestowed with excellent properties, making it one of those ideal variants in the market today. Way back year 1994, after it has been newly introduced, White Widow has won the first place award in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Since then, its popularity has even increased with great demand.

With its infused high THC composition, an immediate mind stimulation with a touch of euphoria is very notable. It can uplift ones’ mood and induce creativity, making every unproductive day very prolific. Not only a recreational one, but White Widow is also valuable due to its medicinal worth. It can allay stress, depression, insomnia, and body-related pain. With its regular seed version, it can no doubt be easy to grow with quality buds.

1 review for White Widow Marijuana Seeds Regular

  1. Julie Tobiassen

    This plant has an amazing benefits you can take. The plant is very trainable. Very easy to grow. Instead of doing something boring, you can grow this and you can use this for medical purposes. It has proven that medical cannabis has been a big help to people. So I started this strain to grow. And now I was ready to harvest. Thanks for this quality seed. Cheers!

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