White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain, a true classic which can produce extreme yields. This is an indica-dominant hybrid strain capable of growing up to 200 cm tall. It has high THC at 25 percent, and thus, it’s very relaxing, calming, and uplifting. You can harvest as much as 800 grams per square meter indoors and up to a whopping 900 grams per plant outdoors.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About White Widow (Feminized)

A fabulous yielder and a survivor from the cold, White Widow is a seed strain that can be a great addition to the garden. It is an easy to grow variant that can be developed whether by an expert or amateur cultivator. With its beautiful representation, its vibrant and deep green leaves can surely be a lure followed by its thick branches that can stand on its own. Unlike other indica varieties, this seed strain can turn into a monstrous height, which can stretch up to 99 inches.

With its potent structure, it can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing environment. It can carry up to 18 percent of THC, which is fairly enough to produce a euphoric and soothing high. Framed with delectable fruity and earthy character, White Widow can be very cerebral. It can present a creative thought which is perfect for day time use that can not only be usable in terms of recreational but also due to its medicinal worth. It is a great stress and pain reliever. One would want to wait for it to finish its flowering phase after nine weeks with great and impressive effects to offer.

1 review for White Widow Marijuana Seeds

  1. RAchin

    This is my first grow ever. I planted the seed straight into a 3 gallon after sprouting it in a paper towel. I didn’t have to put a lot of effort into growing her. Growing this seed was easy very happy with how everything came out got what i expected.

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