White Widow Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is a classic indica-dominant cannabis strain with a high 22 percent THC. It is a very small plant at only 90 cm tall when mature but can produce high 500 grams per square meter and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. White Widow will make you creative, energetic, relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric. It has an irresistible pine, pungent, earthy, and woody flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About CBD White Widow

A Legendary Crystal Buds

Characteristic of current hybrids, CBD White Widow, displays a dense structure with full, strong twigs and a small internodal gap. The thickness of the canopy makes reducing important. Or else, the constrained moisture in the holes could boost the development of harmful pathogens and molds.

The adaptability of the CBD White Widow makes it easy to grow indoors. When planted outside, it grows abundantly in mild, sunny environments. Flash it to lots of sunlight, and every weed can produce a massive 20 oz of high-quality buds.

It is most suitable for unwinding while keeping you functional. Its hazy mental kick boosts consciousness, along with heightened concentration and alertness. Beneath its impact, fibrofog and concerns disperse, enabling the mind to work similarly to a smooth-running engine.

CBD White Widow pleases the nose with a bittersweet smell standing for floral, savory-sweet, and lemon trace. It tastes similar to flowers and citrus, though with the delightful wonder of a spicy undertone.

1 review for White Widow Marijuana Seeds

  1. Valérie Grandpré

    Thank you for this amazing strain. I got no trouble growing this. All good, leaves are super big green. Big buds too and in huge amount to harvest. I love it.. Its excellent product for me. More power!

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