Ultra Violet OG Marijuana Seeds

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Ultra Violet OG Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with the trademark purple color on its leaves, buds, and stems. You will love its citrus and earthy scents, which are very prominent when this is smoked or vaped. It is best for nighttime use with its high 21 percent THC.

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More About Ultra Violet OG (Feminized)

A forgiving and very lenient variant, Ultra Violet OG is a seed strain that could hit its users with its great effects, followed by its potent structure. This variety can grow up to 60 inches in height, which is fairly decent for an indoor and outdoor growing environment. As it doesn’t require too much space when grown in a four-cornered space, Ultra Violet OG is very efficient, and that can present abundant yields during the harvest time.

With its feminized version, its growing ease has even become better. Besides, its prolific production of resin can further induce loads of glittery trichomes.  Its offspring buds are a delight not only for its growers but also to its users as it can present prominent effects with up to 20 percent of THC that can no wonder offer a very cerebral effect added with a delicious tang of sweet, spicy, and earthy character producing not only happy thoughts but also pleasant high.

1 review for Ultra Violet OG Marijuana Seeds

  1. Michael Danielsson

    This strain had gone so far, that It made to a perfect and wonderful strain. It got a 50 inches of height within 3 weeks, not bad. I will always grow this one, effortless for me.. And got amazing effects. Cheers!

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