Tangerine Marijuana Seeds

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Tangerine Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that’s very easy to cultivate, making it a good beginner strain. This strain comes with high THC at 22%, making you creative, energetic, focused, uplifted, and happy. Tangerine is a small plant at just 90 cm tall but will produce large and dense buds with apple, mango, pineapple, sweet and tropical flavors.

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More About Tangerine Autoflower

Auto Citrus Classic

Tangerine Autoflower is still rather fresh in the marijuana industry. This mostly Sativa strain’s power has not been analyzed that extremely, therefore there is limited data apart from its primary abilities. As it is still enveloped in a riddle, what specialist recognizes is that this weed is promising. This strain is a good bonus to the cannabis group from its results toward its medicinal benefit.

Tangerine will be set to bloom in merely 70 to 85 days. It can be grown either outdoors or in; however, when provided the most desirable growing conditions, it will grant you approximately 3 oz of harvest.

It permeates the place with a sharp tangerine smell the second the weed is burned. It likewise drops a trace of pineapple and mango scent as the smoke begins to subside. It gives a sweet punch in each toke.  It omits a refreshing tropical zest in each blow.

1 review for Tangerine Marijuana Seeds

  1. Lanita Whitaker

    The CSR lady promise that the seed I bought was all ok. Thank you and I immediately started my growing. All germinated and popped up. At their 3rd week, you can really say they are a healthy plant. I cant see any problem with them. I make sure that the lights and humidity are in correct limit. So I was hoping to harvest many buds. Wait for my another review when I try to hits this one. Cheers!

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