Sweet Tooth Marijuana Seeds

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Sweet Tooth Marijuana Seeds is a satisfying indica cannabis strain with creative, euphoric, happy, hungry, giggly, and sedating effects. Flowering times are from 8 to 10 weeks and can produce dense buds with berry, herbal, woody, sweet, and flowering flavors. You can also use this strain as medicinal cannabis to relieve inflammation, depression, migraines, insomnia, and stress.

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More About Sweet Tooth Autoflower

A Huge Harvest from a small plant

Produced by blending Ruderalis strain and the strain Sweet Tooth, Sweet Tooth Autoflower is an Indica-leaning cross auto-flowering marijuana strain. At some point, this strain has obtained the characteristics of an automatic plant and preserved the vital features of a Sweet Tooth.

As a current consumer of marijuana, you frequently see yourself needing to face the unpleasant smell and dull taste of the weed. It must be your best bet when it gets to puffing a delicious and fresh smelling grass—sweet Tooth scents of sweet candy and fresh herbs. More notably, this strain also offers a remarkable potent blow as its hallucinatory result.

This seed is straightforward to cultivate and will be set for reaping in merely 75 to 85 days from seedling to collecting season. Provided you have subtle and sunny weather; you can easily grow this strain. And with success, you can possess 14 to 20 oz (per sqm).

1 review for Sweet Tooth Marijuana Seeds

  1. João Ribeiro

    I am taking seriously growing cannabis. So I always try several strains like this one. They recommended it. And so far, all good. Some of my previous plants, has problems but this one made it. This one has never experienced molds. And Im happy for the results. I will buy more!

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