Super Silver Marijuana Seeds

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Super Silver Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid with very heavy yields. It is a small plant at only 80 to 110 cm high but can give you up to 800 grams per square meter of yield. This hybrid flowers later though at 14 weeks but will produce buds with citrus, skunk, sweet and earthy flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About CBD Super Silver (1:1)

See the Silver Lining With this Strain

Never belittle the ability of CBD Super Silver to quench a strict consumer.
Crossed with unknown rich-CBD strain and its family of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze have produced utterly marvelous. Since it is Sativa-leaning, it will produce a lively grand push and a very reviving turn.

Consumers must anticipate having a binge when puffing this strain. The soothing effects are an excellent means to calm your muscles and become friendlier in all events. It is likewise a highly-praised strain of cannabis famous for its therapeutic perks, including a boost in concentration and awareness and ease from pain.

Furthermore, its smell/flavor terpene is causing CBD Super Silver more palatable. You will find a sweet and fruity taste balancing the skunky, pungent smell with the soft, lemon zest. It appears with soothing and uplifting features that better balance this blend of flavor and smell.

With those entire bonuses, one must begin to plant this seed inside of their place distant from nosy neighbors. While it may need more time to grow, it is still worthy. It produces fine despite the growing environments and surroundings.

1 review for Super Silver Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alice Moonlight

    100 % germination rate. Good yield and a great genetics. This strain is unexpected to grow like this. It was such a healthy one. And it produce huge buds. Awesome strain for me. Cheers!

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