Super Silver Haze Feminized

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Super Silver Haze Feminized is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its very heavy yields and sweet flavors. It is a high-yielder too, despite being only 110 cm tall. It can produce up to 800 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant. It will flower late at 10 to 12, but when it does, you’ll get buds with citrus, skunk, and sweet flavors.

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More about Super Silver Haze (Feminized)

A full-figured and wonderful variant, Super Silver Haze is a seed strain with something to boast. It can develop into an average size plant with a shapely stalk followed by its brown to orange leaves. Its buds are mesmerizing as it coated with full resin, making it very alluring to the senses. Though it comes with a beautiful representation, this seed strain may require some expertise to flourish.

Unlike other varieties with sativa heritage, it demands delicate attention and nutrient feeding for more enhanced quality. Yet, it is not finicky in its growing environment. It can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing means so long as it is presented with sufficient sunlight and warm temperature.

When grown in an indoor setting, utilizing the ScrOG technique is effective in improving its overall growth. With a proper growing method presented, it can produce up to 800 grams of buds per plant, and it can finish its flowering phase after 11 weeks. This may be a long waiting time, but it can certainly recompense all the exhausting time with its potent buds that can carry up to 19 percent of THC.

Super Silver Haze Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 500 – 600 g/m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 75 days
Stone : Relaxing
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy

1 review for Super Silver Haze Feminized

  1. Richard Therriault

    Just an amazing strain first time growing an Super Silver Haze feminized and was even better than expected I am very amazed with the strains from MJ Seeds Canada. This Super Silver Haze feminized grew pretty big, and the results are heavy yields! I’ll be growing more MJ Seeds Canada strains in the future!

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