Super Critical Marijuana Seeds

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Super Critical Marijuana Seeds is a heavy yielding, indica-dominant cannabis strain. Take note that this is a small plant growing only 90 cm high but can produce up to 800 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1200 grams per plan outdoors. It is a euphoric, focused, and relaxing strain that can be used for depression, fatigue, insomnia, migraines, and stress.

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More About Super Critical (Feminized)

With a short flowering period and a prolific yielder, who doesn’t want to try? Super Critical is a seed strain that is straightforward to grow. With its ease of growth, it can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing environment with no further difficulties such as harsh environmental climate and plant diseases. With its resiliency, no molds or pests can ruin its living. As it is simple to grow, it is one of the variants that can be grown even by first-time growers.

When grown in an indoor setting, the utilization of either the SOG or the ScrOG technique can be an ideal method to enhance its overall growth depending on how its branches are growing within their vegetative stage. Furthermore, so long as the usual growing method has been administered, expect that it can generate up to a mountainous 800 grams of buds per plant, and it can finish its flowering phase after eight weeks.

It is ideal for waiting time for impatient cultivators with high rate expectancy. Ultimately, its offspring buds can certainly provide prominent effects with up to 21 percent of THC.

1 review for Super Critical Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dominika Duda

    I got a less expectations but all was great for me. I mean, its better to see the plant grew for me to believe. And this strain did not fail me. Rather surprised me with awesome taller plant. It has the qualities I am looking for. That is why I am very happy!

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