Snow White Feminized

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Snow White Feminized is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers a well-balanced mind and body experience. It has a very high THC at 24 percent, and thus, you’ll experience an uplifting mood, and you’ll be able to manage different medical conditions including pain, migraines, headaches, stress, anxiety, and depression. Expect sticky buds as these will be covered with thick trichomes.

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10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00
40 Seeds $300.00
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8 reviews for Snow White Feminized

  1. Kruno Lukić

    I purchased 10 Seeds of this strain and started to grow. From the beginning, I never encounter any problems. That is why I can say this is from extreme genetics. Good yield and has greener and fresher leaves. What I love the most is its smoke and its scent of aroma. So far, only positive reviews from me. Thanks

  2. Amelie Forro

    I am amazed by this seed. Quick to grow and 100% germination rate. I started growing it in a small wet of pot of soil. Not directed to sunlight but in right humidity. At the 2nd week all was in a tiny height. And then grow larger as it reach its medium height then proceed to its flowerings. Very beautiful plant so far. Great seed for me. Cheers!

  3. Kyle Rauder

    Damn, I wasn’t expecting this to be so strong! I tried smoking a whole blunt, nearly tripped the hell out of my mind haha. Anyways, great high! Really thick smoke, little to no irritation on the throat too. Gonna have to try curing it a bit more to get deeper highs. This was a lovely buy! A sure 10 of 10 in my books

  4. Jessie Fernandez

    True to its name, Snow White Feminized gives you a relaxing feel that I really love. I get the right amount of high, but I totally use it just to relieve my mind and body from stress after a day of work. So I usually smoke during the evenings! I am a regular user so I grow it myself indoors. I am impressed with the yield! It consistently gives me my expected yield every single time. Now, I don’t have any problems losing stocks. This is a great buy!

  5. Angie Hankerson

    Thank you for having this strain, it really help me with my condition it washed away my stress, anxiety and depression. And also, this strain is not hard to propagate very easy that it gave me the best feeling with just planting a seeds. I highly recommend this one!

  6. Ben Carl

    Snow White Fem consistently gives me dense, strong, and aromatic buds that reach full growth on its 7th week! They’re so beautficul and giving. The plants would give you the amount of produce you expect. Truly impressive. This is a perfect strain for growers like me!

  7. Kumar R

    I am glad that I get to have a feminized set of seeds for this strain from MJ Seeds. I need not worry about accidental pollination from male ones now. Saves me a lot of time, plus, I get to experience more the goodness that Snow White Fem lets everyone experience.

  8. Alejandro Andrews

    I did not expect this to be so powerful! I tried puffing a whole blunt, it gives a very good time and all I can is that it is very enjoyable. Great high! It has a very thick smoke but it is really good, it reduces my migraines and body pain. This plant had been fully matured in just 7 weeks and produced good yields with dense ad aromatic buds. This is absolutely worth it! This is great so I’m gonna purchase some more. Fantastic product!!!

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