Snow White Auto-Fem

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Snow White Auto-Fem is a world-class strain that is a mixture between a White Widow and a Northern Lights. This is considered as a member of the White Family of cannabis genetics. Snow White Auto Fem strains are created especially for indoor growing and create dense crops. During its flowering phase, this strain projects a stour and compact structure with many buds.

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Snow White Strain Characteristics

The characteristics of this strain when it comes to its buds are promising. Hybrid plants contain buds that are covered with resin along with trichomes and crystals. The appearance of this strain is white and the yield of it is astonishing. Some methods can achieve a larger harvest that can reach up to 500 grams power meter squared in just 8-10 weeks upon cultivation. Take note that this strain got its tags from the dense coats of White trichomes it contains from its leaves.

Snow White Strain Effects

When it comes to its given effects, Snow White Auto makes you feel motivated and allows you to be more concentrated through certain tasks. The potent high it gives is said to be uplifting and calming just like any other strain in the cannabis market. If you are having trouble finishing your tasks, this can be the perfect strain for you to try. If you try to consume this during the daytime, it can help you boost your mood to finish all the tasks.

With the help of its 24% THC level, this strain can relieve issues like:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress

What Growers Need to Know Snow White Strain

If you plan to cultivate this strain, you must know this gathered information to ensure the health of your cannabis strain. Snow White Auto Fem can grow through hydroponic systems. Quick yields and a large harvest can be expected if you grow it with this method. This indoor strain has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks and produces up to 500 grams of dense buds. Do not worry about your neighbors because this small and perfect strain can be cultivated without their knowledge.

Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica dominant
Climate : Indoor (Best)
Yield : 500g
Height : Average
Flowering : 8-10 weeks
Stone : Uplifting, Motivated
THC level : 15% – 20%
Grow : Moderate

6 reviews for Snow White Auto-Fem

  1. Givry Senapus

    Very easy to grow for a Auto Flowering Feminized. It wasnt too dificult to grow, but it is a little particular about conditions grown in outdoor much like prefer this to be grown indoors. I love the how it grows and the strong herbal scent. Exceptionally smooth high, certainly for a night smoke.

  2. Doug Ferguson

    What a beautiful plant like it shines in its beauty I find it as an ideal plant. This strain is Incredible it has a very intense head high. I love the taste and feel of Snow White, one of the best strains out there. Excellent smoke for first-timers.

  3. Aubin Franchet

    Excessively marvelous strain!! Love the smoke love the taste love the stone enthusiastically recommend for people to take a stab at growing! The effect is very acceptable, this is presumably the thing you are searching for on the off chance that you are smoking weed. Was enjoyable to grow I will make another future run with this strain once more!

  4. William Watkins

    Great strain pleasant smell to it, the only thing I believe is that it takes all in all too long to complete, yet it’s justified, despite any trouble. They are solid to form and bugs I didn’t endure any issues with that what so ever. The smoke is great the taste is magnificent. I would suggest this strain to all!

  5. David B.

    Growing this was really hard as it was my absolute first seed. I had seed issues, just a half achievement rate with popping the seeds as I wound up with 5 out of 10 popping. Bud was phenomenal! It’s truly amazing. The fragrance is satisfying. I am truly enjoying this strain. I will run this again later on.

  6. Dana

    Have not smoked yet so rating based on 2 grows back to back with improvements to light for 2nd run. 100% germination 4/4 popped.
    I feel snow white is a bit sensitive transplanting from solo cup to pot. Its one i will only do right from seed in final pot (unlike others that thrived). Growth always seems slow but picks up fast closer to flower. If transplanting from solo, go by time frame and not leaf size to avoid rootbinding. Way more resin under 650w LED, more colas and stacked but growing under crap 60w lights gave me well over 2oz per plant dry on my first grow with pH and watering issues– she did good and thrived after snapping the main cola by accident! Oof! She is very sticky and smelled of pepper while growing. Curing she is not so peppery but will expect it! 2nd run is about 3 weeks from harvest so looking nice! If the smoke is good will keep running her!

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