Snow White Auto-Fem

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Snow White Strain Auto-Fem is an indica-dominant cannabis strain giving you a balanced mind and body experience. This is an automatic- feminized variety, which means it can flower early and automatically, with no need to use a special lighting schedule. It’s also feminized, and this means you’ll only grow female plants. It’s also a medicinal strain that can deal with pain and stress.

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40 Seeds $300.00
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  • The Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized can be grown through the use of the hydro method, and it can also be grown through the use of other growing methods as well. The plant has denser looks if you compare it to other plants, but the looks of it are way different to the effects that it has for you to experience.
  • The plant has a peaceful stoning effect of the Indica type. It also has a smooth flavor that you will surely like.
  • The plant has round leaves and a size that can be easily noticed if you differentiate it from other plants. The leaves can grow as tall as 200 cm. The resin of the plant can be seen on the top portion of the leaves after two weeks before the buds flower. The dark part of the leaves indicates the frosting of the plant. This is important for the plant’s bud production.
  • The effects of the plant affect the body and mind to the point where the user will experience a sleepy sensation later on. This means that the plant is perfect for relaxation and for staying at home only, and some activities such as driving, working, and cooking is not recommended while under the effects of this weed.
  • This is also good medicine for those who are experiencing psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia since the effects of this plant are truly relaxing – and it can also be the reason why this was called “Snow White”.
  • This plant is also known to cure headaches and migraines as well.
  • This plant is known to grow in a hydro system.
  • Some growers prefer this to be grown indoors so that the plant can produce better results. Outdoor cultivation can result in a poor amount of yield.
  • This plant has a very strong odor which can be considered to be more herbal for the scent, but it is not smelly anyway.
  • This plant is perfect for those who want to relax, take a nap or sleep, or relieve themselves from brain and mind related problems.


Snow White Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Specifications
Type : Sativa / Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Heavy
Height : Average
Flowering : 8 weeks
Stone : Stoned and relaxing
THC level : Average
Grow : Easy-Moderate

5 reviews for Snow White Auto-Fem

  1. Givry Senapus

    Very easy to grow for a Auto Flowering Feminized. It wasnt too dificult to grow, but it is a little particular about conditions grown in outdoor much like prefer this to be grown indoors. I love the how it grows and the strong herbal scent. Exceptionally smooth high, certainly for a night smoke.

  2. Doug Ferguson

    What a beautiful plant like it shines in its beauty I find it as an ideal plant. This strain is Incredible it has a very intense head high. I love the taste and feel of Snow White, one of the best strains out there. Excellent smoke for first-timers.

  3. Aubin Franchet

    Super awesome strain!! Love the smoke love the taste love the stone highly recommend for people to try growing! The overall effect is pretty good, this is probably what you are looking for if you are smoking weed. Was fun to grow I’m going to be making another future project with this strain again!

  4. William Watkins

    Good strain nice smell to it, the only thing I think is that it takes a bit too long to finish, but it’s worth it. They are very strong to mold and pests I did not suffer any problems with that what so ever. The smoke is excellent the taste is excellent. I would recommend this strain to all!

  5. David B.

    Growing this was pretty hard as it was my very first growth. I had seed issues, only a 50% success rate with popping the seeds as I ended up with 5 out of 10 popping. Bud was fantastic! It’s really powerful. The aroma is very pleasing. I am really liking this strain. I will grow this again in the future.

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