Short Rider Auto-Fem

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Short Rider Auto-Fem is an Indica-dominant hybrid that will leave you with a stoney high that is mixed with a pure feeling or pure headedness. With a THC of 15%, expect a potently mild high of Indica and Sativa characteristics. The full-body relaxation this weed projects will make it a perfect weed to consume at night when there is not much to do as it will often make the user feel lethargic but fully aware of his surroundings.

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Short Rider Strain Characteristics

The characteristics of this strain are very reliable and better. Short Rider Auto Fem when cultivated is very easy. Producers said that within 11 weeks, you can expect your bountiful yield. This strain’s structure is visualized as short and suitable in any location for growing especially indoors. When it comes to its traits, a pungent aroma can be observed. The terps it projects are skunky and the effect it delivers is the favorite of many producers and consumers. In countries that elicit a warm atmosphere, this strain can thrive more.

Short Rider Strain Effects

In terms of its effect offered, a smooth feeling can be felt. Some consumers who are having a rough day at work using this strain to make their mood relaxed. An indica dominant that is fruity, sweet, and a highly potent strain. Short Rider Auto Fem will make your body and mind calm and put a smile on your face. There are users who say that his strain is euphoric and when you start to smoke it offers you a dreamy vibe. There are strains that can offer a balanced high, this one is one of them. The THC level of this strain is approximately 15% and is perfect for activities where you want to mellow yourself. Ti strain is also good in treating some issues like:

  • Pains
  • Headaches
  • Spasms
  • Cramps
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

What Growers Need to Know About Short Rider Strain

This Short Rider Auto Fem strain can be cultivated indoors. There are methods that can be used to make sure the health of this one. As advised by experts, when you are growing this strain in an indoor location, you can place up to 15 plants in a 600-watt lighting system. You can expect a harvest of 25 to 30 grams per plant when perfectly executed.

Outdoor growing is best as long as you place it in your balconies, windows, or terrace. The buds of this strain can grow quickly without even noticing. The harvest you can obtain can react to up to 60 grams per plant in successful cultivation.

Short Rider Autoflowering Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Ruderalis X Indica X Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 550 grams per meter squared
Height : Average
Flowering : 11 weeks
Stone : Euphotic, Relaxing
THC level : 15%
Grow : Moderate

6 reviews for Short Rider Auto-Fem

  1. Pierre Bergeron

    I went of with a fair start. It was a simple plant to grow, didn’t give a lot of difficulties. She was unimaginable! I took in an extraordinary deal and If I had invested more energy, It would have had the choice to shimmer substantially more. I’m growing five all the more at this moment. I need also check whether I can develop them better and possibly improve the harvest.

  2. Reese Jenkins

    I got my compact and strong buds after 35 days so I am super impressed. I never thought that it could be that fast. I honestly did not expected a lot since I am just new to growing strains. But I am glad I chose Short Rider Auto-Fern. True to it”s promise, I got good harvest! Thanks!

  3. Wyatt Reeves

    I am super amazed at how I was able to grow this even if I am just a novice grower. I did all my research about how growing is done and I found out that some strains are so delicate that you need to really follow the right procedures before they can grow. BUt this strain is one of the exceptions. It is a type of strain that’s good for beginners like me. It also produces aromatic and healthy buds. Your smokinig sessions will never be the same if you try Short Rider.

  4. Silvester B

    Growing this indoors has given me so much joy. I feel like I discovered that I actually have a green thumb, but seriously, I know it is because Short-Rider Auto Fem is resilient can just grow anywhere. I need not dedicate a huge amount of indoor space or or outside garden beds. Me and my partner enjoy taking care of this so much!

  5. Nicholas Edwards

    Wow, it really is short haha. No problems with the germination. Sprouted 9 out of 10 seeds. generous yields with super sticky buds. Could use a little more trimming than usual to keep them tidy. Overall great work MJ seeds canada! Lovely seeds, definitely one of the better ones I’ve tried in all my years of growing. Excited to try out the different choice seeds you guys have to offer! Great value for the deals!

  6. Fred Gibson

    Short Rider Auto fem is one of my favorite strain due to its fast flowering period and the yields it produce, also its aromatic scents. This is also one of my remedy when my migraines or headaches strikes at night. Perfect to use at night cuz she also produce a relaxing effects.

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