Purple Star Killer Marijuana Seeds

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Purple Star Killer Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica cannabis strain with a high THC at 18% and early flowering times. It will bloom in just 8 weeks, giving you berry, citrus, earthy, sweet, and grape-flavored buds with rich resin. This is a creative, euphoric, sleepy, relaxing, happy and uplifting strain

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More About Purple Star Killer (Feminized)

With its quick flowering and substantial yield, Purple Star Killer is a seed strain that is worth a try. This variety can produce a plant that can grow small but sturdy and firm. It is highly resilient and can be grown in any growing setting.

It can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing environment. With its resiliency, this seed strain can combat against various plant diseases and infections. Fueled with up to 29 percent of THC, Purple Star Killer is not a true killer as it can enliven the mood but yet a killer of boredom with its uplifting effects and soothing high.

Its classic character with a touch of earthy and sweet quality can provide a somewhat intense smoking experience yet a manageable one. With its indica heritage, it can no doubt produce a happy heart that can be very physical. Not only as recreational, but it can also be of aid from mental-related conditions due to its psychoactive properties.

1 review for Purple Star Killer Marijuana Seeds

  1. Arran Brown

    This is one of the extravagant strain. Its kinda super plant. Without any difficulty, I was able to grow this one. Seeds are quality, all germinated. Highly recommendable!

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