Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds

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Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica strain that flowers quicker and harvests faster than other strains. It is a small plant growing only up to 90 cm tall. It can produce average yields up to 200 grams per square meter indoors and from 200 to 300 grams per plant outdoors. It is a euphoric, relaxing, and sleepy strain with earthy, spicy, and sweet flavors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Pure Indica (Feminized)

Not a great yielder but can offer decent results; Pure Indica is a seed strain that can fairly satisfy your hungry growing skills. This variant is not that very productive when it comes to its yield, but it can still stand on its own due to its Afghani genotype. With its classic heritage, this seed strain has been bestowed with great structural growth. It is a sturdy and robust variety that can easily be grown, may it be an amateur or expert grower.

With its strong form, Pure Indica can fight against various plant diseases and infections. As long as it is administered with a proper growing method, this seed strain can produce up to 200 grams of buds per plant and can finish its flowering phase after eight weeks. Ultimately, its offspring buds is a joy during the harvest due to its THC inclusion that can stretch up to 17 percent.

Its decent and well-rounded composition can be of help in managing various medical conditions. It can also be used for recreational due to its satisfying euphoria and whole-body relief. One can offer a very cerebral punch; its strength can’t be measured with a single toke.

1 review for Pure Indica Marijuana Seeds

  1. Annika Blom

    Magnificent! All is favorable in me. This was effortlessly to grow. It produced a lot of buds. and the effects on me was real!
    Very smokey and smell so great! Cheers!

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