Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds

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Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and very heavy yields. It has 22% THC making it very calming, euphoric, creative, focused, uplifting, and energetic. It can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 to 700 grams per plant outdoors.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Pineapple Haze (Feminized)

A great yielder but require great care; Pineapple Haze is a seed strain that requires experience in growing. Though novices are welcome to try it, it is advisable that it would be grown by an expert cultivator. A worthy of all difficulties, this seed strain requires a lot of time to finish its flowering phase but can soon compensate for all hard work with its abundant yield.

With its feminized version, expect that these challenges would be lessened and can be more forgiving when it comes to cultivation.  As soon as it blossoms, another thing that could repay all the efforts is its beautiful representation. With its deep and vibrant green leaves, it is for certain a mouthwatering variety that is worth a try. Talking about its structural growth, this seed strain can grow tall.

Though it can grow with staggering height, it doesn’t change the fact that it can still be developed in an indoor growing environment. Infused with up to 22 percent of THC, Pineapple Haze can produce a very creative and energetic feeling with a touch of focus and mental clarity.

Its flavorful and aromatic citrus, earthy, and pine character can surely attract the palate with a great dose of euphoria and cerebral buzz. Like other diverse variety, it is loaded with lots of medical benefits that are not only bodily but also for mental-related health difficulties.


1 review for Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds

  1. Spartacus Kozlov

    It was not really hard to grow. This strain has a lot to offer. It shows Bigger leaves and several branches. The plant is taller than I expected. A true success of my grow. Perhaps, I will plant again and again!

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