Papas Candy Marijuana Seeds

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Papas Candy Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s known for its resin-covered buds perfect for making concentrates. It has a fruity flavor with peach and orange tones. It comes with a calming and relaxing effect ideal for the relief of conditions like nausea, epilepsy, pain, and asthma. This hybrid is perfect as a nighttime strain.

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25 Seeds $140.00
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More About Papas Candy (Regular)

One with the ability to massively produce an attractive resin, Papas Candy is a seed strain covered with a sweet character and potent impression. As it is highly-loved due to its wonderful genetic art, even connoisseurs are truly amazed at its potential. Its plant can grow up to a compact size, one with a usual Christmas tree-like shape followed by a bushy stature. The buds that it can generate are very dense with an overloading amount of resin.

Being a genuinely famous variant, it has bagged different awards from various cannabis competition. It has become the second placer in the resin category at Spannabis in the year 2009. Another silver award bagged in the same category and competition in the year 2008.

Meanwhile, it took home the first place award year 2006 and 2007. True to its popularity, its ability to massively produce resin is spectacular. Fueled with enticing terpene, it can clearly offer a relaxing feeling followed by creativity and focus. One with powerful influence, it is surely a great addition to the garden with its regular seed version.

1 review for Papas Candy Marijuana Seeds

  1. Elijah Pye

    Gladly I chose this train. Unbelievable one. It can grow up to 3-4 ft tall. It likes to be always watered and fed in nutrients. Just don’t over do it. I can see an upcoming huge buds to be harvest anytime soon. Cheers!

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