Panama Marijuana Seeds

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Panama Marijuana Seeds is a pure sativa strain with high THC and huge yields. It is a late bloomer but will produce large and dense buds with lemon, spicy, sweet, and vanilla flavors. This energetic, happy, euphoric, and uplifting strain that you can use to deal with fatigue, depression, migraines, and all kinds of pain.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Panama (Feminized)

A useful and beneficial variant, Panama is a seed strain that can offer loads of benefits. With its great lineage genetics, this seed strain can produce a plant that can grow strong and sturdy. A resilient variant that can combat against various plant infections and disease. Cultivators are amazed at how it can offer a great amount of yield with no further challenges.

With its feminized version and easy to grow, seed strain has become easier. With its lovely and charming physical representation, you can expect that it can showcase small buds accompanied by dense trichomes and vibrant deep green foliage. Surely, this seed strain stands out beautifully among the rest. Packed with up to 21 percent of THC, its composition can speak out with a powerful influence.

It can provide a very elaborated conclusion with a compelling impression. Its sativa heritage is worthy not only for its recreational value for also for medicinal one. Saturated with a mouthwatering terpene, the hints of fruity and spicy character can exhibit a very wonderful experience which not only can offer an immense strong effect for recreational purposes but also mental and bodily effects that can mend various medical conditions.

1 review for Panama Marijuana Seeds

  1. Julia Unger

    Fast delivery. The seeds grow and all went well. I put some nutrients into the soil. And the plant shows more progress. It has a blooming flowering stage. I like it. The buds are bigger and hairy. We will be collecting it by next week. More power!

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