Orange Kush Regular

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Orange Kush is a balanced cannabis strain with almost equal sativa and indica traits. It is believed that this strain was made by crossing an OG Kush and an Orange Bud. This is a very potent and fragrant strain smelling like real ripe oranges. It comes with a 23.50% THC, and thus, first-timers should be ready for a couchlock effect.

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Orange Kush Regular Strain Details
  • Orange Kush is a type of OG Kush hybrid, and it is known to have retained a good side of the premium strains that the OG Kush has.
  • This type of plant produces big buds that have resin oozing on it. It has a lime green color together with orange-red stigmas which is the reason why it was named Orange Kush.
  • The smell of the weed is somewhat dank with a sweet and pungent type of taste. Take note that it has a fragrant tropical scent whenever it is smelled. It also has an aftertaste of lemon candy which makes it more reasonable to call it “Orange”.
  • The effect of this weed kicks in fast and it kicks in almost immediately at once, and it has long-lasting effects which will make the smoker high enough for hours.
  • This is good medicine for anxiety, depression, body pain, stress, and also anorexia. This has a strong relaxation providing benefits that you will enjoy together with the potent high that it has.
  • The effect of this weed starts in the head and then goes down to the body which is perfect for usage if you want to take a nap or take a time to unwind during the evening before you take a good night’s sleep.
  • This type of strain is known to produce hormones that will give you a good vibration and will keep you happy for several hours. This is strong proof that this removes depression!
  • This weed reaches its maturity stage during October which makes it good to harvest during those months.
  • So if you are planning to cultivate a perfect quality of this plant, be sure to consider the right timing. With that in mind, expect that you can become an expert cultivator that is capable of making the best quality buds.
  • The tropical tangy scent and flavor of this weed will make you think that it is one of the most fragrant herbs that you have experienced. The scent itself is already strong, and the flavor that it provides is absolutely delicious. If that does not content you, then wait for the effects to kick in!
Note for Growers

Those who are planning to grow this type of must consider growing it outdoors because the plant can be more resistant to pests and mold if done so. Be sure to follow the right procedures in cultivating as well in order to have good plants.

Orange Kush
Regular Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 400 – 450 grams
per squared meter
Height : 70 – 90 cm
Flowering : 54 – 60 days
Stone : Strong and long
lasting effect
THC level : 18% – 20% potency
Grow : Easy

3 reviews for Orange Kush Regular

  1. Marc Duplessis

    It was a great plant to grow appeared to be solid and versatile. I have great experience in the finish of a fun and educational first grow! Grow cycle was short, and yet feel I could have gone somewhat more. I have taken in a ton in the moderately brief timeframe. I will absolutely grow again!!!

  2. Marcel Clavette

    Great quality of buds on this plant. She stayed short so really not any popcorn to speak of. Really nice smell and decent yield. Such a good stain for anxiety makes you forget a lot of the anxious feeling. Highly recommend!

  3. Deandre Banks

    From germination up until the harvest, it was very well grown. Fast flowering time, great yields too! I was able to end up with around 500g per sqft. Loved the strong orange tastes, blended in really well with the dank smells. Nice, smooth high almost felt a little psychedelic at some point. Sure shot 10/10. Loved it!

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