Orange Kush Regular

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Orange Kush Regular is a balanced marijuana variety with nearly identical sativa and indica characteristics. This strain is thought to have been developed by crossing the OG Kush and the Orange Budd. This is a very strong and fragrant strain that smells like real ripe oranges. It comes with 23.50 percent THC, so first-timers must be ready for the couchlock results.

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Orange Kush Characteristics

Orange Kush marijuana strain has a fragrance that most consumers equate to sweet desserts. In fact, many equate it to an orange with a taste of vanilla and dirt. The flavors of spicy earth give this strain a robust smoke that would be both pungent and satisfying. Its citrusy characteristics give it a scent of paradise that lingers even after the source is gone.Any consumers claim that the Orange Kush strain has a pleasant and vivid scent that is not too skunky or grateful. Some people claim that it has some pine components. Those with a good sense of smell can well be able to distinguish their alpha and beta-pinene composition. Consumers with a sweet tooth will delight in the strong fruity flavour. Orange Kush has flavors of deep, ripe grapes, sweet vanilla and traces of zesty juicy. Those with a sensitive taste might pick up a bit of candied goodness combined with a bit of herbal wood. Some users are citing a sharp tang on the exhale. Its peppery flavor may come as a surprise to some. Others can welcome the contrast between its saccharin taste and its strong, spicy tones. Though Orange Kush is an excellent alternative for those who choose a sweeter strain, it is not tacit or excessively clogging. Orange Kush is appropriately named, not just for its delightfully fruity flavor. This strain displays a wild blast of color indicative of ripened oranges. The colour abounds with the duration of the buds.

Orange Kush has a surprising display of colorful nuggets. It also includes a combination of dark green leaves and olive stripes. It has large nuggets with a thin coating of sugary, crystalline trichomes. The nuggets of the strain are not only comparatively large, but they are also very long and strong.

Orange Kush Effects

OG Kush provides predictable outcomes for most users: a well-balanced elevated head and body, accompanied by extreme euphoria and cerebral stimuli. OG Kush passionistas are saying that a few puffs would leave you in a mellow, trance-like state. And, also couch-locked, which may be a positive or a bad thing, based on your tastes. Because of its sky-high THC strength, the uninitiated can walk lightly. Smoke too much, and you can feel dizzy or paranoiac. In the same way, often people tend to have a case of dry eyes or bad cotton mouth after a few tokes. So keep a bottle of water in the vicinity, and maybe some Visine. Moreover, like many viruses, it doesn’t affect all consumers the same thing. For certain consumers, it helps to relieve headaches; but, certain people can experience headache after engaging.However, most people agree that OG Kush makes them feel satisfied, euphoric, and comfortable. OG Kush has a reputation for being extremely flexible, too. This strain could also be used to manage a wide variety of health problems. OG Kush’s robust brain effects make it a common alternative for relieving the pain, anxiety, depression, as well as other mental illnesses. It is also common with many vets with symptoms linked to PTSD. Likewise, the good body effects of OG Kush make it a constant standby for those dealing with chronic discomfort and movement disorders.

What Growers Need To Know About Orange Kush

Orange Kush are feminized and can be mixed with a host of other strains. It is also the preference of cultivators because of its hardy qualities. It is very resistant to most mold and mildew types and does not fall victim to many of the diseases that affect other strains.It’s a fast grower, too. It boasts a rising period of about 8-9 weeks. It is also used by those who want not only a short growing period, but a high yield. It thrives well in areas that have a Mediterranean-like atmosphere. This involves hot and rainy conditions and a dry environment. Optimal temperature varies from 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When grown indoors, growers must be mindful of the need to ensure a healthy, temperate climate for the best performance. Developers must also be aware of factors such as sunlight or, air movement, and water cycles. Orange Kush grows best indoors throughout its 12-hour flowering period. The 12-hour set-up calls for twelve hours of sunshine and twelve hours of night. It has a vegetative period that lasts about 4 to 6 weeks. This strain is a perfect candidate for hydroponic installation and can do well with limited space. It’s rising short and stocky. Orange Kush is incredibly versatile; it reacts well with the SCROG approach if hydroponics is not feasible. Other approaches to maximize yield can involve enriching soils with nutrients. Some farmers claim that the production can be as many as 10-15 ounces or more per square meter.


Orange Kush Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 400 – 450 grams
per squared meter
Height : 70 – 90 cm
Flowering : 54 – 60 days
Stone : Strong and long
lasting effect
THC level : 18% – 20% potency
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Orange Kush Regular

  1. Marc Duplessis

    It was a great plant to grow appeared to be solid and versatile. I have great experience in the finish of a fun and educational first grow! Grow cycle was short, and yet feel I could have gone somewhat more. I have taken in a ton in the moderately brief timeframe. I will absolutely grow again!!!

  2. Deandre Banks

    From germination up until the harvest, it was very well grown. Fast flowering time, great yields too! I was able to end up with around 500g per sqft. Loved the strong orange tastes, blended in really well with the dank smells. Nice, smooth high almost felt a little psychedelic at some point. Sure shot 10/10. Loved it!

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