Orange Bud Regular

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Orange Bud is a pure indica strain popular for its quick flowering and good yields. This is an average-sized plant that can produce up to 400 grams per plant outdoors and up to 400 grams per square meter indoors. This strain flowers early at 8 weeks with buds tasting and smelling like oranges, citrus, skunk, spicy, sweet, and flowery.

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Orange Bud Regular Strain Details
  • Orange Bud is one of the authentic 100% skunk varieties there are. It has been recognized during the 80’s and the 90’s and still remains as one of the best marijuana strains. It produces a high yield, it is easy to grow, it smells and tastes great, and is highly potent.
  • The Orange Bud strain is one of the easiest varieties to grow. This is because the plant is versatile and strong at the same time. It can be grown indoors or outdoors but most people grow them indoors.
  • It is a pretty sturdy plant that can grow to around 95 cm thereby making it a medium-sized plant. It may take up to 9 – 12 weeks before a harvest can be taken from the plant but this is compensated by the fact that each square meter can produce a yield of 500 to 600 grams.
  • The plant can easily be identified by looking at the crystals and pretty orange hairs that cover up its hard dense buds. When mature, the plant would have more orange on it than green.
  • Orange Bud smells just like the fruit combined with some other tones of citrus and sweet smells. When smoked, the aroma translates to taste making the plant also taste like the fruit. To be specific, it tastes sweet and comes with a citrusy tone of nectarine and ripe fruit.
  • It has a potent THC, usually between 8 – 15%, making ideal even for beginning users.
  • It gives a cerebral high. It evokes happiness, euphoria, creativity, and relaxation all at the same time because of its Indica and Sativa combination. It is recommended for use by people with active lifestyles but wants to do activities at a steady, relaxed pace. It is also a must-try for Skunk variety connoisseurs looking for a sweet citrusy strain that is 100% skunk.
  • Although not primarily a medical strain, it can be smoked to relieve depression and other stress-related issues as well as some minor pains.
  • Some minor setbacks include cottonmouth and dry eyes, which is pretty common anyway with marijuana.
Note for Growers

Although good for indoor growing, the plant loves sunlight. It is best to either find a way for sunlight to reach the plant or buy bulbs that simulate the rays of the sun. Hot climates are favorable to the plant making an ideal strain for people who live in hot climates who wish to grow outdoors.

Orange Bud Regular
Strain Specifications
Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 500 to 600 g / m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 9 – 12 weeks
Stone : Creative, Relaxed
THC level : 8 – 15%
Grow : Easy-Moderate

3 reviews for Orange Bud Regular

  1. Christien Chauvet

    This was the first plant of my first indoor grow it was a truly long grow. A couple of set backs yet generally I took in a great deal and had an extremely positive encounter.Love these strain. Definitely will continue grow Orange Bud the best i have ever grown indoor.

  2. Paien Chenard

    Terrific strain to grow. It went hard and packed on the weight toward the end like a champion. Really great quality smoke! I was so impressed with the scent. Definitely grow this again and again!

  3. Jared Culliver

    it definitely smells very pungent and skunky when ground. I’m especiallya fan of the mix of diesel and orange peels, it may sound weird but it definitely works! The grow was very easy. Nice sturdy branches and a pretty short plant overall. Got a good 500grams out of it! Recommending this to all fellow growers out there. Definitely a must try!

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