OG Kush Marijuana Seeds

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OG Kush Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with a very high THC at 24 percent THC. This strain flowers later in 10 to 12 weeks and can produce large buds with citrus, lemon, diesel, pungent, woody, and pine flavors. OG Kush is a classic relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric and can be used to deal with migraines, stress, pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

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More About CBD OG Kush (1:15)

A More Therapeutic OG Kush

It is the latest variant of OG Kush that is more soothing and potent. In a different approach with CBD OG Kush, the medicinal cannabis case will appreciate this strain.

One could enjoy the citrus taste with a note of the fresh herb when puffing this plant. This cross strain gives mild impacts than its origin strain compared to the original OG Kush that has a powerful bliss. Upon consuming, smokers would instantly sense a kick that embraces the whole physical though with a blend of mind cloudiness. Additionally, consumers will be glad to discover that this marijuana has many to give on the healing aspect with its depressant and powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.

Installing a SOG when developing a bunch is the most prevalent technique in an indoor setting. In ideal environments, it provides up to 18 oz of buds for every square meter after flowering for 55 to 60 days.

Keeping smaller weeds is vital when growing outside of your house, particularly if maintaining secrecy is required. It can produce nearly 15 oz per weed.

1 review for OG Kush Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kaleb Watt

    Awesome strain. At first it is slow grower but wait there’s more from this weed. As it grows into its 3rd week up to 4th week, you can see the leaves are very healthy. I can explain that at the beginning maybe, I am too much excited on it. But this is an amazing weed. The buds are frosty and in huge amount! You cant resists so thank you for this quality seeds!

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