NY Diesel Marijuana Seeds

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NY Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a sativa dominant cannabis strain popular for its distinct fuel flavors and remarkable yields. It produces 22 percent THC making it very energetic, stimulating, and euphoric. This hybrid can produce up to 500 grams of yield per square meter indoors and up to 650 grams per plant outdoors.

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5 Seeds $65.00
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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About NY Diesel (Feminized)

A charming and stunning variant, NY Diesel, is a seed strain that includes the prominent value in the cannabis society. With its tremendous height that can stretch up to 150 inches, it won’t go unnoticed. It stands out among the rest with its deep and vibrant foliage color followed by its slim leaves. A potent variety that any cultivator wishes to add on their garden.

With its great appearance, this seed strain requires some experience for it to be developed. However, with its feminized version, this challenge will never be a problem. It can be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. When grown in an indoor setting, using an organic soil is an ideal move in order to enhance its terpene profile.

As long as it is administered with a conventional developing course, expect that it can generate up to 500 grams of citrus and diesel-like taste buds per plant and can finish its flowering phase after 12 weeks. Surely, its offspring buds will be a joy to every user as it can hold up to 21 percent of THC that can offer an energetic and euphoric high.

1 review for NY Diesel Marijuana Seeds

  1. Wiktor Eliasson

    The plant had shown the best features it has. I did not expect some of it but happy to see it. Well, less feeder but very strong plant. I less manage this one and do some other hobbies too. Effortlessly, grew successfully and now ready to harvest beautiful buds. I will come back to buy for more.

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