Northern Widow Feminized

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Northern Widow Feminized was created by combining a Northern Lights and a White Widow strain. This is a high-yielding strain despite growing only 70 to 100 cm tall. You can get as much as 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 700 grams per plant outdoors. It has 21% THC making this strain very relaxing, potent, and euphoric.

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Northern Widow Feminized Strain Details

  • This feminized version of the Northern Widow has social high effects. This has a stable sativa, which means that it will surely work well in terms of effect and cure mental issues and other illnesses that might affect the brain.
  • The strains that it has have properties of the Indica and Sativa type even if the other plants have dominant Indica or Sativa types. As the plant matures, it features metallic and crystalline appearances. This type of appearance will make you easily identify that you are growing a Northern Widow type of strain compared to other hybrid types. The taste and smell are more potent in humid climates, but this can be grown in warm areas as well.
  • The strain yields are higher than expected, and the harvest time starts in either September or October. Most growers prefer indoor cultivation of this plant if you prefer to strengthen the taste. But for sure you are the type who aims for the effect, so be sure to grow it outdoors.
  • This is one of the most potent and strongest types of marijuana in the world in terms of taste, scent, and effect. The smell has a strong sour flavor that can spread in far distances. The leaves are known to be dark green and shiny as well.
  • Since this is a feminized version of the Norther Widow, expect more buds than ever compared to the seeds.
  • If you have the seed of this type, then be sure that you know that you are making female plants. This means that you will only receive buds and you will not receive any seeds at all, but expect that the buds are very good for smoking.
  • This is very easy to grow for those who are first-timers in cultivating marijuana, so that means you will never experience any issue as you grow this plant.
  • This is a feminized plant, so that means you will never get any seeds if you are planning to grow this plant only. If you are planning to make hybrids and other types of weed, then be sure to order other types of non-feminized seeds as well.

Note for Growers
Just be sure that you have the basic needs required for cultivation so you will be able to produce the best buds. Be sure to have fertilizers, soil, sources of light, water, and other needs in cultivation so you will learn how to grow your very own weed.

Northern Widow Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Medium
Flowering : 8 – 10 weeks
Stone : Social High
THC level : 20%
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Northern Widow Feminized

  1. Loring Salmons

    I must say so far so good. They all germinated sprout beautifully and the most resilient strain i have grown. Thank you overall my experience has been terrific and I appreciate your swift shipping. Thanks a million!

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