Neville's Haze Marijuana Seeds

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Neville’s Haze Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain known for its high THC and great yields. This strain is one of the tallest at 400 cm high and will produce up to 650 grams of yield per square meter indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. It needs an expert hand to cultivate as it is a very tall plant.

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More About Neville’s Haze (Feminized)

 A seed strain that has been produced by pollinating Northern Lights #5 and Haze, Neville’s Haze, is a variant that isn’t just good for recreational use but also for medical purposes. This seed strain is a versatile variety that can be grown in an indoor and outdoor growing condition. With its flowering time, expect to finish it after 14 weeks.

This may be a long time frame, but you will never be disappointed with its generous yields. Talking about its physical structure, this seed strain can grow tall. Just like its sativa parent, it can soar high, which is the main reason that topping it periodically is ideal. It can verily produce thick buds that can carry up to 21 percent of THC, followed by a powerful and psychedelic high experience.

When growing indoors, there should be enough room to accommodate its tall and huge structure as it can grow up to 79 inches in height. One of the growing methods that can be used to enhance its healthy development is the SOG technique. As long as it is given proper growing care, expect that its yield can stretch up to 650 grams of buds per plant.

1 review for Neville’s Haze Marijuana Seeds

  1. Emilia Järvinen

    Nicest plant. All seeds grew well. The leaves are greener and has a medium height. At first, I had a feeling that it wont make it, but surprisingly, the plant did. I am happy about it. I just want to order more and more!

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