Nebula Auto-Fem

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Nebula Auto-Fem is an Indica leaning hybrid which offers a balanced high of relaxation and an energetic, euphoric, and mood upliftment effect. The deeply calming and tranquil state the user will experience is a perfect way to smoke this weed at the end of the day. With a high THC content, this weed will bring potent mental highs which result in a happy psychedelic and energizing high which is coupled with a calming and relaxing state. This makes for a good overall smoke to enjoy the rest of your evening.

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Nebula Strain Characteristics

This popular strain literally makes you feel some out of this world feeling. Nebula Auto-Fem takes you to a place you wanted to be. During the 2004 Cannabis Highlife Cup, this strain won 3rd place and 2nd place in 2005. This strain is considered to be an indica dominant by experts. This can be cultivated in both indoor and outdoor locations. Upon cultivation, Nebula Auto-Fem produces a high-quality yield in just 8 weeks. This strain can elevate its branches for up to 80-90cm per plant. This strain can produce sweet buds, fruity strain, and flowery taste that no other strain offers you best. You just have to remember that cultivating this strain can be difficult for novice growers but having the right guidance, success can be seen.

Nebula Strain Effects

You will expect some kind of shining stars upon using this Nebula Auto Fem. Its name stands for itself, out of this world flavor can be observed. The THC level is promising and the bud formation of it gives a fruity taste. When you start smoking, it quickly flows to your system and makes you feel a little head buzzing effect. The indica genes from this strain give a mellow psychedelic buzz.

When you consume this strain, there are beneficial features you can obtain. If you have a long day at work, this one can help you relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. This strain also treats some issues like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

What Growers Need to Know About Nebula Strain

If you are planning to cultivate this type of strain you need to decide in what location you’ll start growing. Outdoor and Indoor cultivation is best as long as you provide the required nutrients for your plant. Nebula Auto Fem is considered moderately hard to grow but once you start to cultivate it, you can see for yourself the best yield you can ever have. An astonishing 600 grams per square meter is the expected harvest.

With the right maintenance and better quality soil, you can expect your plants’ flowering phase in just 8-9 weeks. Countries, where the temperature is quite mild and not too hot, is the best place to cultivate this strain. Start gathering your own seed and cultivate now.

Nebula Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Indica Dominant
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Above Average
Height : 90 cm
Flowering : 8 weeks
Stone : Relaxing, Smooth
THC level : 18%
Grow : Moderate to Difficult

4 reviews for Nebula Auto-Fem

  1. DonPorter

    I started these little seeds I grew by leaving the seeds in distilled water for 15 hours then into the wet paper towel method for an extra 35 hours to find all the seeds cracking revealing tap roots. I can barely wait to see the results out of this. The new seeds are in soil and I’m essentially constantly keeping it together for them to grow up.All in all everything looks incredible and astounding!

  2. Zeke Regan

    It is my first time to order these seeds and I’m glad that I found them available at MJ Seeds Canada. I kinda had a hard time cultivating this strain but it was all worth it when I got myself an abundant harvest. Smoked it and the high was intense! One of the most extreme I have experienced. It was gooood!

  3. Marc Crowell

    This Nebula Auto-Fem amazed me! It was very quick to grow and mature, this strain also produces a very fruity smell while growing. This yields a lot in outdoor growing and she really loves exposing to the sun and buds were very dense and have a lot of moist trichomes covered. I love the initial relaxing effect of this strain perfect to use at night or just before bedtime. Though it has a very intense psychedelic effect, I could somehow tolerate it.

  4. Nathaniel Hurst

    Massive underappreciation for this strain! Got some really big buds that were coated with sticky resin, and a lot of them too! I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the lighting that it wanted during the veg since they weren’t growing fast enough but I got it all under control. The smoke really catches you off guard with the tastes of fruit and sweet sugar! Smelled kinda floral and earthy so I wasn’t expecting it to be fruity. Got really frosty and hyped up after smoking a joint of this, its got some very happy vibes to it! excited to buy more of these, gotta keep a stash of seeds at all times!

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