Monkey OG Marijuana Seeds

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Monkey OG Marijuana Seeds is an uplifting mostly-indica cannabis strain with a very high 26 percent THC. This hybrid is very calming, happy, euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting strain and is also used as a medical strain for arthritis, insomnia, migraines, depression, and stress. It has delicious ripe banana, tropical and earthy flavors for you to enjoy.

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More About Monkey OG (Feminized)

With delicious character and luscious smoke, Monkey OG is a seed strain with ideal properties. Choosing to grow it will be a good decision with its great effects that is very cerebral. One with an excellent impression, it is best to use at night time. The buds it can produce can encourage the mind immediately with a wave of euphoria. It can also enhance the mood. The touch of creativity can be very valuable in accomplishing everything on time.

One with distinctive terpene, Monkey OG is packed with palatable surprise. As a result of pollinating Banana Kush and OG Banana, its well-rounded blend of the genetics of its parents can create a pleasant smoke. As a powerful hitter, not only that it is good for recreational, but it is also a pleasant seed strain due to its medicinal worth. The effects it can offer are more than sufficient; it relieving various health conditions. With its feminized version, growing its will be straightforward, and that it can generate graded buds on the harvest time.

An indica dominant variant, Monkey OG is no surprise a very flavorful seed strain that can present a wonderful smoking experience. Its exceptional THC inclusion makes it very influential, requiring caution to amateur users.


1 review for Monkey OG Marijuana Seeds

  1. Emilia Järvinen

    Intense plant. I can see that this plant, can make it. Every little thing about this was so beautiful. Without any complications, it went all ok. I can see amazing hair buds. Satisfied customer!

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