MK Ultra Marijuana Seeds

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MK Ultra Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 21 percent THC. This is a very relaxing strain that will make you feel giggly, happy, sleepy, and euphoric. It’s also used for medical conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, arthritis, stress, and muscle pains. This strain offers average yields with earthy, flowery, pine, and sweet buds.

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More About MK Ultra (Feminized)

 An all-around seed strain, MK Ultra, is one of the variants that will not disappoint you. Its offspring buds can present a great and exceptional relaxing sense followed with an influential aroma, which can give a  significant cerebral impact. This seed strain leans toward its indica side. One of the things that made it named after a CIA project is its ability to manage and enhance ones’ mind. MK Ultra can offer up to 20 percent of THC inclusion.

As a versatile seed strain, this variant can be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing condition. When grown indoors, an ultimate and proper growing method should be administered in order to achieve abundant yields. To enhance its terpene profile, using organic soil can do the job though developing it through hydroponics is also acceptable. To boost is buds production; growing it outdoor is ideal as long as the climate is warm and sunny. Moreover, expect that it can give a great number of buds with higher effects followed by a piney taste that can last with mesmeric high. An award-winning seed strain that has won 1st place at the cannabis cup competition held the year 2003 will never let you go remunerated.

1 review for MK Ultra Marijuana Seeds

  1. Angelina Finsch

    I had to ask for an advise when my plant dried out. I apply the method, and curing it. Suddenly after a day, it bloom. My method used was effective. Nevertheless, the nutrients help it to resume. I was so relieved, the plant produced a lot of budz. And made it to the harvest day. Thanks for your advises!

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