Mazar Marijuana Seeds

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Mazar Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its high THC and interesting flavors and aromas. This is a relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric strain capable of producing dense buds in just 8 to 10 weeks after germination. You’ll get large and dense buds with a citrusy, flowery, skunk, spicy, sweet, and woodsy flavors in one.

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More About Mazar (Feminized)

A great yielding variant, Mazar, is a seed strain that will overwhelm you with its prominent ability to generate abundant yield. Its cultivation part is such a reward for those growers that didn’t hesitate to give great efforts in accomplishing its mission with a proper growing method utilization. Not only that, it can generate a great number of yields, but the buds are of graded and high quality.

With the help of its feminized version, this seed strain can double or triple your expectations. One more thing that is looked forward to is its ease of growing. As it is a versatile seed strain, it can be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. It is a very resistant seed strain that can fight against various plant diseases and infections.

As long as good and right cultivating techniques were presented, assume to enjoy up to 450 grams of buds per plant. It can finish its flowering phase after nine weeks with buds that can offer up to 20 percent of THC.

1 review for Mazar Marijuana Seeds

  1. Georgia Sweeney

    Satisfying. All I went through with this strain is remarkable. Everyone must grow cannabis. Because there’s a lot of benefits your body can take. Besides, growing is the best hobby you can do for now despite pandemic. Just waiting for the harvest day!

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