Maxigom Marijuana Seeds

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Maxigom Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that’s easy to grow and, therefore, fit for first-time growers. This is a small plant growing only from 70 to 100 cm tall but can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors. It flowers later as well at 12 weeks, but when it does, you can get buds with apple, citrus, pine, and sweet pineapple flavors.

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More About Maxigom Autoflower

Best Flavor to Complement the Best Effect

Maxigom autoflower is one of a kind cannabis strain that fits the casual consumers who like a gentle psychoactive high. With a THC content that ranges around 14 to 17 percent, its effects are gentle yet noticeable. It is one of those limited auto-flowering strains that only takes around 10 to 11 weeks from seedling to buds.

Maxigom autoflower does not grow tall. However, it does require an ample amount of nutrients. It is relatively easy to nourish, and that makes it a great strain for those with limited experience in cannabis cultivation. For best output, Maxigom autoflower is best grown indoors through hydroponics. It bears short leaves and very compressed buds. Some kind of support is required to inhibit the branches or cola from breaking. Stress training the plant also facilitates having bursting growth, particularly if put in a narrow space.

1 review for Maxigom Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alain Paradis

    I’m glad I found this strain. I grow this at the backyard, I set a good environment for this. Happy to see them growing with greener leaves. The height is good and looks very healthy. Can’t wait to harvest!

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