Maple Leaf Marijuana Seeds

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Maple Leaf Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica strain with moderate THC and faster flowering. This is a small plant growing only 100 cm tall but can produce good yields. This is an arousing, sleepy, relaxing, and tingly strain ideal for conditions like inflammation, pain, stress, arthritis, anxiety, and depression.

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More About Maple Leaf (Feminized)

Bestowed with powerful characteristics and features, Maple Leaf is a result of pollinating two legendary strains Mazar and Afghan Kush. It is a forgiving seed strain that can survive in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. However, it can thrive the best when cultivated in an indoor setting. When grown in an indoor environment, growing it through hydroponics can certainly shorten its vegetative and flowering period but with decent yield.

When grown in organic soil, for certain, its terpene form will be enhanced and improved. As it won’t grow tall, confined spaces and a small area will not be an issue. When presented with proper growing management, it can generate up to 200 grams of buds per plant. Its offspring buds can surely present great effects and influence. It can contain up to 17 percent of THC and is ideally harvested after the last week of October.

1 review for Maple Leaf Marijuana Seeds

  1. Raine Ollanketo

    Stunning plant for me. Of all strains, this one I love the most. Nothing I can say but all positive only for this strain. Relaxing and calming effects are real. Everybody love to be relaxed. More power!

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