Mango Regular

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Mango Regular is an indica cannabis strain that smells and tastes like old and sweet mangoes. It was developed by the combination of Afghani and KC 33, two very common and potent marijuana strains. Mango comes with 15 to 20 percent THC levels, so this can be very calming, therapeutic, and euphoric.

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Mango Strain Characteristics

Mango Kush strain has its name as its scent reflects the flavor of a new Mango. As well as smelling like this delicious tropical fruit, there are traces of banana and smoky, earthy aromas, making it a special and distinctive fragrance. Mango Kush strain, much like a new Mango strain, is a taste experience. Evidently, it has a pleasant and tropical, fruity mango and tropical flavor, combined with a distinctive Kush flavor. Mango Kush cannabis smokers also say it has an oaky and woody taste, too, with a touch of pine noticeable on the exhale. The appearance of the Mango Kush plant is very short and typically just about five feet tall when fully grown. Mango Kush grows thick buds and is normally strongly covered in bright orange pistils, which have been the female sexual organs of the plant. Mango has a rather strongly fruity scent that almost makes you aware of candles. This hybrid has a fragrance that is a combination of citrus and earthy, filling the room immediately with a haze of its smell, and enveloping you in an exciting tropical and pleasant aroma, enticing you to have more. Mango has a special tropical scent that makes the inhalation taste like smooth citrus, causing the tip of the tongue-tingling sensation with its sweet and savory sounds. This balanced hybrid will cover the interior of your mouth with a sour mango flavor that will develop into an exhaled earthy and lemon aftertaste.

Mango Strain Effects

Mango Regular is a balanced hybrid strain that is fun for a variety of reasons. This will make you feel comfortable almost instantly, inspiring an all-round peaceful mentality and a feeling of being relieved of your worry and becoming optimistic and cheerful. This happy influence makes it extra fun when you’re having a bad day, as Mango Regular makes you feel good and yet keep your emotions soothed. You’re going to feel euphoric and still temporarily energetic, when you’re going to feel an empowered and wet and tingling sensation all over, in an uncontrollably positive mood. Mango will keep you in an awakened and motivated mood, helping you to make up your creative sides and make your life feel exceptionally vibrant and lively. This hybrid can also trigger a strong case of cravings, so it’s a smart strategy to start snacks around when you plan to spend the afternoon consuming this strain. And is also a fun leisure strain, Mango Kush also provides numerous health benefits to medicinal marijuana consumers. Because of the enlightening and euphoric high that Mango Kush weed causes, it relieves mood problems such as depression and anxiety. The profoundly relaxing feeling encountered by Mango Kush cannabis smokers makes this strain a perfect way to de-stress and unwind after a long and busy day. In reality, Mango Kush smokers claim that deep body height also makes this strain successful in managing a whole host of painful conditions, from arthritis and muscle pain to lower back pain, to name a few.

What Growers Need To Know About Mango Strain

Mango Regular is known to be a pretty easy plant to grow and one that is also ideal for a beginner grower to try his hand. It is generally highly disease-resistant and thrives in warm, humid, and sunny weather with temperatures between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. While this plant does not grow too high, it continues to thicken considerably during the vegetative phase. Mango Kush growers will have to trim and cut this plant periodically to keep its form under regulation. A more streamlined form would make it easier to manage, as well as assist with ventilation and circulation.

While various flowering times for the Mango Kush plant have also been recorded, the average flowering season would be between nine and eleven weeks, with mid-to-late October becoming the best time for outdoor harvesting. The maximum yield of the Mango Kush plant developed outdoors is about sixteen ounces per plant. Those developing indoors should anticipate a marginally lower yield of around fourteen ounces per square meter. Mango grows into a medium-sized plant with broad, thick flowers that create buds that require protection because they can become very strong and can exceed the size of a softball. This strain begins slowly but yields abundantly, so it’s certainly worth the wait.

Mango Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 – 450 g/sqm2
Height : 2 – 3 meters
Flowering : 9 – 11 weeks
Stone : Strong euphoric and
long lasting effect
THC level : 15% – 20% potency
Grow : Easy – Moderate

2 reviews for Mango Regular

  1. Kai Pereira

    This was my first order and thanks for the fast delivery. The lady on the phone is very kind and can guide you to your growing journey. You will never dismayed on the result. Good genetics, good yield. Less dense buds. Thanks for the quality seeds.

  2. Van Ian

    Amazing flavor and simple to grow! I really enjoyed my time cultivating this one, even though it kind of grows pretty slow at first. Later it picks up speed and the result was incredible. I truly recommend this for those who prefer sweet flavors like me. Happy customer here! Thanks!

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