Malawi Gold Regular

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Malawi Gold is a sativa cannabis strain that originated from the Malawi African region. This strain is tall, with buds covered with fine resin. You’ll love its banana-like smell plus almond, pineapple, and tropical flavors. This landrace comes with 23.5% THC, and thus it’s very energizing, creative, and euphoric.

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Malawi Gold Regular Strain Details
  • Malawi Gold is known for its very sweet scent together with the earthy scent that comes with it. This plant also has a hint of tangy lemon in it which makes it lovely to smell. The flavor originated from the swollen buds that grow in its best quality ever.
  • This strain is the common type of strain for the Sativa type. It has large and thin leaves that turn into a dark green for the color, and this makes the buds gather light in an easier way. The plant is also known to look like a Christmas tree once that it has matured.
  • The buds of the Malawi Gold are known to have large and sticky resin as you check on it, and its flowering time is known to be considered which makes it good for growing.
  • The name of the plant was based on a place in Africa called Malawi. This is locally known in the place as “chamba”, and this is one of the best types of Sativa that you will ever encounter.
  • The strain has very potent effects that you will surely like, and this is also well known throughout the world to be a high class of marijuana to be considered. This is also the basis whenever a quality check is done on other plants as well.
  • The best thing about the most potent plants is they are known to be grown with ease compared to other plants, and Malawi Gold is known to be one of the best plants that you can experience.
  • Its psychoactive effects will surely make you think that this plant is notoriously worthy of smoking because it will make you reach your mind’s potential!
  • Most growers suggest this type of plant to be grown outdoors because it has the full potential for its growth compared to growing it indoors.
  • The Malawi Gold is perfect for those who want to take a hit and relax during weekends because of the amazing effects that it has for you to experience. If you are used to smoking weed, then expect that this plant will surely give you a high that will take you towards different places in your mind.
Note for Growers

There is no need to do the procedure of thinning the plants in order for more light to come in because the fan leaves are already thin. This is known to be extremely easy to grow compared to other plants, which is why there are no special instructions needed.

Malawi Gold Regular
Strain Specifications
Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 650 – 750 g/m2
Height : Tall
Flowering : 10 – 12 weeks
Stone : Psychoactive
THC level : 14% – 18% potency
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Malawi Gold Regular

  1. Cheryl Gipson

    I bought 10 seeds pack for me to try this strain. I prepare what I need, a good soil, and I set up a place for this. Good environment for a healthy plant. Good smoke, great scent, and made my mood so awesome!

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