Malawi Gold Regular

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Malawi Gold Regular is a sativa marijuana strain originating in the Malawi region of Africa. This weed strain is tall and has buds covered in fine resin. You would also enjoy the aroma of bananas and coconut, pineapple, and tropical taste. This landrace comes with 23.5 percent THC and is thus very invigorating, innovative, and euphoric.

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Malawi Gold Strain Characteristics

Malawi is super fragrant, and you would instantly know its heavy sour presence soon after this bud enters the room. This Sativa-dominant smells woody and like sweet citrus, with a little bit of earthiness to complement its calming and tasty aroma. Malawi Gold Regular is a delightful weed strain in so many ways, and you will find yourself instantly addicted after you taste the flowery and earthy inhalation of this weed strain. Many familiar with straggly, huge buds typical of native Thai sativas could see similar characteristics in Malawi’s flowers. The moss-covered green leaves are long and trimmed, in comparison to the small, tightly-coiled leaves that are mostly seen in the indica varieties and crossbreeds. These leaves stick together to a ragged, fluffy-looking bud framework and are quickly ripped away from their core stems. The high amount of trichomes also allows Malawi very sticky and impossible to break down without the use of a good grinder. Malawi flowers offer off a very sweet, nearly sweets scent, tinged with certain berry fruitiness. The faint scent of coffee beans is also at play, giving the bouquet a nutty and toasty character. A faint lemon fragrance rounds out the smell of this strain and becomes more prominent on the exhalation. When burning, Malawi burns with a creamy, pulmonary-expanding smoke.

Malawi Gold Strain Effects

Malawi is one of the best and perhaps most active leisure and medicinal strains available today. This terrestrial beauty is sure to make your mind spin and will encourage you to feel positive and extra enthusiastic, making it the perfect option for daytime smoke, particularly when you want to be efficient. This super-strain will help you stay focused for longer, and encourage you to get through every mission at hand. Malawi will extend your focus, so if you’re searching for the right kind of strain to get you around your long and tough morning, look no more. Malawi is uplifting in nature, leaving you giggly and enchantingly uplifted in a happy mood. You’ll be physically and emotionally secure when you’re straight all day. If you need a little lift, this strain will assure you a long-lasting feeling of contentment and pleasure. Malawi’s high takes shape almost instantly, delivering a blast of social vitality and sharpening the perceptions of users. Both situations and sensations, albeit ordinary, unexpectedly become fascinating and complex on their own merits. Malawi’s ability to inspire thoughtfulness is not strictly analytical but again has a much more foggy and dreamlike atmosphere when practicing their improved powers of observation. Visual and auditory disturbances are also widely recorded, contributing to the psychedelic essence of this strain.

What Growers Need To Know About Malawi Gold Strain

Malawi can be very easy to cultivate, as it has proved to be immune to most common diseases and molds. This strain needs longer to bloom so that you can compensate for a much later harvest than you would have been accustomed to. The strain has a clear genetic heritage, fine-tuned over decades of intentional breeding throughout the country’s high altitudes and warmer weather. As an effect, the growth is extremely robust and resilient: the plants are highly immune to mildew, and to temperature fluctuations. Malawi can be grown successfully in areas as far north as New England. Plants grow quite high and will need to be pruned or trimmed to fit within indoor spaces. This sativa takes an extremely long time to achieve maturity, blossoms around eleven and fourteen weeks when grown indoors, and is ready to be harvested at the beginning of November when grown outdoors. As for every pressure, the environment and setting of the smoker can have a great effect on their experiences; as such, those preparing to enjoy Malawi may want to compile their environment.


Malawi Gold Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 650 – 750 g/m2
Height : Tall
Flowering : 10 – 12 weeks
Stone : Psychoactive
THC level : 14% – 18% potency
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Malawi Gold Regular

  1. Cheryl Gipson

    I bought 10 seeds pack for me to try this strain. I prepare what I need, a good soil, and I set up a place for this. Good environment for a healthy plant. Good smoke, great scent, and made my mood so awesome!

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