M8 Marijuana Seeds

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M8 Marijuana Seeds is a sativa dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields and very high THC at 23 percent. This is a small plant growing from 90 to 120 cm tall but can produce up to 550 grams per square meter of yield and up to an unbelievable 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. It has a creative, energetic, giggly, euphoric, and uplifting strain.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About M8 (Feminized)

A valuable variant, M8, is a seed strain that is worthy not only that it can produce a bud that can offer great recreational benefits but also value in medicinal cannabis society. This seed strain can produce a plant that can grow up to medium size. With that, growing it in an indoor or outdoor growing environment will not be a problem.

A growing space may be confined, or a huge area is not a challenge. With its beautiful physical representation, it can grow with enticing foliage and slender leaves. That means light penetration and airflow or circulation is less of an issue as its structure alone will do the job.

It adores a warm temperature and can maximize its yielding potential when the SOG method has been presented. With the proper growing method, this won’t disappoint you as it can generate up to 550 grams of buds per square meter and can finish its flowering phase after ten weeks. Moreover, its offspring buds can contain up to 30 percent. A powerful and magnificent effect that can surely influence a euphoric vibe.

1 review for M8 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Samuel Dahlberg

    The first I ever grow. At the start got a little confuse. But then, as I go on with the grow, I figure it out. The plant is trainable. You can feed them with additional nutrients, and results are very good. Several branches and leaves are larger in size. I am surprised with this! Thanks!

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