Lowryder Marijuana Seeds

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Lowryder Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain that will grow from 15 to 40 cm tall. It is a very small plant that can produce only 50 grams per square meter of yield. It is mostly used to create autoflowering cannabis strains. This blooms early in just 8 to 10 weeks.

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5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Lowryder Autoflower

Exploding Buds in a Flash

The first pure auto-flowering cannabis strain, Lowryder, is the ancestor of all auto-flowering cannabis strains. But this is not the only reason why cannabis enthusiasts are captivated by it. Smoking Lowryder autoflower is just like riding with a rapidly-growing, solid-kicking, and tasty dope.

Lowryder autoflower is a tough plant. It flourishes without completely depending on the light cycles. The plant does not grow beyond 12 inches. It can prosper almost anywhere, including the cold areas. With that, it is one of the favorites of beginners – even those with no background in cannabis cultivation.

Diversely, considering its limited height, the plant bears lesser buds contrasted to those that are taller. To achieve a satisfactory yield, many Lowryder fanatics would cultivate an entire batch rather than just a few. Growing it indoors is a joy to do since cultivators are assured of getting promising yields.

1 review for Lowryder Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ludwika Kamińska

    All seeds has quality genetics and the rate of germination is 100%. I can’y say any negative reviews, because what I experienced from this strain is a total happiness. The good outcome has revealed. The buds are frosty low dense buds. Total amazing for me!

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