Lemon Kush Regular

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Lemon Kush Regular is a high cannabinoid strain of THC. This is a mostly-indicated marijuana strain with 23 percent THC, which is why it has an enthusiastic, innovative, concentrated, calming and uplifting influence. Lemon Kush is also high-yield capable of developing up to 500 grams per square meter. It is an 8-week early bloomer growing citrus, lime, honey, spicy, and earthy-flavored buds.

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Lemon Kush Characteristics

When you tear the bud itself apart, the other traces of soil and musk peak in the initial citrus taste, creating an interesting blend that is unlike other marijuana strains. The taste of Lemon Kush Regular is both lemon and soft with touches of spice and tang. Unlike certain lemon weed strains, this type of cannabis has no aftertaste of diesel, which would be part of what gives it its individualistic charm. The appearance of lemon Kush flaunts its greenish-yellow yummy sugar leaves, sporadically blending between light orange pistils which seem to match well with the lemon aesthetics of the rest of the bud. The buds are thickly covered with a coating of glittering crystals, also recognized as trichomes, which glisten with elegance beneath the light and leaving the user in utter reverence. The large aggregation of these trichomes is also positive news for another reason; it means that the cannabis strain is expected to be strong, with a little going for a long way. The flowers themselves are very thick and popcorn-like, incredibly sticky in nature, making them hard to smash for ingestion if you’re not fitted with a grinder. Lemon Kush is also difficult at times to trim, but it can be extremely satisfying once the bud has been worked out in a manageable condition. The plant itself is moderate in height, characteristic of many hybrid strains, such that it can be cultivated in a variety of areas of differing sizes.

Lemon Kush Effects

Expect this high to take between 5-10 minutes to really kick in and roll in. The sensation itself normally lasts about 2-3 hours, as is common with the most potent, maximum THC strains. Delightful for imaginative individuals, Lemon Kush tends to help with cognitive capacity and the creation of ideas, particularly those that are untraditional or unusual in nature. Great for performers, singers, filmmakers, or anyone who want to jazz up their creativity; this weed strain often holds the power to inspire the user, causing thoughts to easily burn and keep flowing around the brain, sticking to the most bright ideas, so that something amazing can be created out of it. Lemon Kush improves cerebral concentration but also has a bit of room, headiness to it, making it ideal for daytime activities, and having homework completed effectively and with improvement. The high is at the same time calming, joyful and upbeat, often even encouraging or enlightening. Body buzz is somewhat small, but still existing, providing some physical relief as well as mental reinforcement and redirecting unpleasant vibrations and emotions to a more optimistic perspective on life. Best consumed at any time of the day afternoon, since Lemon Kush is a hybrid and has no propensity to induce somnolence, it is fair to eat it after the morning or any time afterward. This additional aspect makes LK cannabis much more flexible and accessible for a wide variety of customers.

Lemon Kush serves as the perfect daytime prescription marijuana strain for patients worldwide, as it relaxes and eliminates discomfort from the body without inducing tiredness or groggy sensations. Many with exhaustion, knee pain, asthma, chronic pain, period pain, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms as well as other body aches or pains may discover real relief with the aid of this weed strain, but higher doses may be more effective for the healing of these symptoms or disorders.

What Growers Need To Know About Lemon Kush

It is fast to cultivate, Lemon Kush is also ideal for full novice cultivators, as long as factors and considerations are carefully controlled. It can grow in either indoor or outdoor settings, but if outdoor is the place of choice, the atmosphere needs to be wet, dry, and Mediterranean-like to make the plants comfortable. Indoor environments should replicate these environmental factors as precisely as possible, with the added involvement of sufficient airflow and ventilation. Outdoor-grown Lemon Kush tends to prosper better than indoor-grown, and the use of organic soil will improve the lemon scent and citrus flavor of buds by the time they reap. The flowering season is about 9-10 weeks, with outside harvest season occurring between the end of September and the middle of October. Outdoor crops produce considerably more than indoor crops, with an estimated yield of around 35 ounces per plant outside and just 18 ounces per meter squared inside. If you happen to be living in a setting that meets all the criteria for low-maintenance Lemon Kush, then you will be greatly rewarded with an enormous yield, the delightful tastes and smells of powerful buds, and an impressively powerful but friendly high.


Lemon Kush Regular Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 500 g / m2
Height : Medium
Flowering : 60 days
Stone : Strong and long
lasting effect
THC level : High
Grow : Easy-Moderate

1 review for Lemon Kush Regular

  1. Kacper Olszewski

    This blow my mind! It was such a great strain. And it grew very healthy. I love the big leaves of this and how it stand firmly. This shows that the plant has a good genetics. And that is only from this company. You gotta try this one..

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