Jock Horror Auto-Fem

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Jock Horror Auto-Fem is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain. It has very high THC levels making you happy, chatty, and euphoric. You must take a moderate dose as it can lead to a couchlock effect if you’re not careful. Jock Horror is an automatic strain, so flowering is early at 7 to 9 weeks and won’t need a special lighting schedule.

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Jock Horror Auto Flowering Feminized Strain Details
  • While most hybrids are a mix of two varieties with varying dominance, the Jock Horror strain is a blend of three namely, Northern Light, Skunk, and Haze.
  • Its Northern Light parents give it its bountiful white trichosomes and its high yield potential as Northern Light is one of the best Indica varieties when it comes to yield. Haze, a strain that is said to have originated from Jamaica gives it sativa qualities while the Skunk parents make it a great choice for Skunk variety connoisseurs.
  • The Jock Horror Auto-flowering seeds are very easy to take care of as it does not require strict compliance to giving the plant 12 hours light and 12 hours of darkness alternately (also known as 12/12 photoperiod).
  • The Auto Flowering strain begins flowering within 3-5 weeks after its period of germination without much influence from the amount and frequency of light.
  • The Jock Horror Auto Flowering seed grows with ease and flowers faster than most Jock varieties. It usually begins around 21 – 35 days after the plant has germinated. It does so without much concern to light duration and intensity. This is 1 – 3 weeks faster than the regular Jock Horror strain which requires a 12/12 photoperiod.
  • It produces a yield of 400 – 500 g/m2¬. Considering the fact that the strain flowers quickly, the total yield for a year will be significantly higher than most varieties.
  • The plant can easily be identified with the large amounts of orange hair that cover its dense buds. When the buds are opened or spread, a layer of crystal covering dark green can be seen. The leaves are a bit thinner than normal while the branches show a great amount of resin and also shine with THC glands.
  • The plant has a nice aroma. It generally smells like a fresh pungent citrusy smell with a tone of sweet skunk.
  • The pleasant aroma translates into taste. It gives the taste buds a floral and spicy with a hint of citrus undertones.
  • It gives a cerebral and heady high. It is great for daytime use as it gives the user a clear mind and an energetic body, a quality sativa-dominant high.
Note for Growers

Nothing much to worry about for growers as this is an auto-flowering strain and can be planted indoors or outdoors. However, it is most commonly planted in soil rather than hydroponic systems. If provided with the proper nutrients and fertilizer, the plant will practically grow by itself.

Jock Horror Auto-Flowering
Feminized Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 350 – 450 g/m2
Height : Tall
Flowering : 70 days
Stone : Cerebral Buzz
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow : Easy

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  1. GHernandez

    I am amazed with this strain! Everything is good. It was an incredible pleasure to see how strong this strain grow. Growing it was simply follow correct steps to grow. Definitely will purchase for more. Really nice well done MJ Seeds Canada!

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