Hay-Z Feminized Marijuana Seeds


This Hay-Z Feminized marijuana strain is a hybrid that has more of an indica-leaning composition in its DNA. As you could consider this to be somewhat of a Jack of all Trades type of strain, there aren’t enough good things to say about Hay-Z Feminized! It is a versatile strain that could provide some very generous yields. While it won’t be the simplest strain to grow, cultivators with enough experience could enjoy ridiculous supplies of buds from their harvests!

Also, it is known to induce a psychedelic and mind-altering high that a lot of smokers will enjoy. With decent THC levels that average around 21% to 23%, you can expect a satisfying high that works great for any day of the week! Hay-Z is a well-rounded strain to have. It originates from crossbreeding the genetics of Original Haze and some other unidentified hybrids.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Hay-Z Feminized?

The Hay-Z Feminized hybrid brings in its buds a very complex and distinct profile, giving users some tastes and smells that will lure them right in! Pungent notes of skunkiness could be noticed in the smell, also giving it a burst of flavor that fills the mouth. A fresh aroma of flowers kicks you right in the nose as you grind up the buds, offering satisfaction in every whiff. Notes of lemons and citrus also make the smoke creamier and build the texture of its flavors. A profound earthiness puts a simple and classic twist in an otherwise complex strain.

The Hay-Z effects will get your mind feeling wobbly and hazy. As the cerebral high gets you up and about, you won’t necessarily feel alert and focused. Instead, your mind will start swimming in some psychedelic thoughts that could conjure up some out-of-this-world ideas that only a tripped-out dude would think of!

As the mind sensations descend, the high slowly start shifting towards a more full-bodied stone. These are sensations that relax your muscles and keep you calm for many hours. It is during this time that your whole environment will start looking a lot more vibrant and positive.

What are the Medical Benefits of Hay-Z Feminized? 

Hay-Z Feminized could also provide a lot of medical benefits. The head high is often stated to be a good cure for social anxiety, boosting your happiness and making you feel comfortable around people. Any signs of depression and unease in your mind could be cured by the mental stimulation that this strain offers.

If used correctly, you can find yourself in a state of mental clarity that puts your mind at peace. Some of the more specific conditions that could be treated using Hay-Z include stress, PTSD, and depression.

Negative Effects You Can Expect From Hay-Z Feminized 

The buds of this Hay-Z strain come with s good amount of potency so beginner smokers should be wary of overconsumption. The high concentration of cannabinoids could disrupt the production of saliva in your mouth as well as cause irritation of your eyes. Drinking water before and after smoking this strain is the best measure to avoid these.

Also, the psychedelic effects could ultimately cause cases of hallucinations in amateur smokers. This could lead to experiencing paranoia and anxiety in those who are not accustomed to smoking weed. An increased heart rate, as well as disorientation in the mind, are also things to look out for.

How to Grow Hay-Z Feminized

People who are new to growing weed may find it hard to get these Hay-Z Feminized seeds to sprout out of their shells! It is a hybrid that will require you to be very particular about the climates that they are placed in. As such, you might need to opt for an indoor garden for these Hay-Z Feminized seeds to allow you to have full control over their growth and development. A lot of growers choose to apply a hydroponics setup for their Hay-Z seeds as it will get a constant flow of nutrients and hydration throughout the growing cycles.

A good thing to note is that these plants will be sturdy enough to withstand Low-Stress Training as well as other methods of increasing the buds. You can gain up to 800g per square meter indoors and around 1500g per plant outdoors, making this a generous strain. The flowering stages will take around 10 to 11 weeks, which is quite long.

Hay-Z Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant (70%), Feminized
Genetics Parents: Original Haze x Unidentified hybrids
Flowering Period: 10 to 11 Weeks
Climate: Tropical, Temperate, Warm
Yield: 800g to 1500g
Flavors: Skunky, Citrus, Earthy, Lemon
THC Level: 21% to 23%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate to Hard


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