Great White Feminized

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Great White Feminized is a potent, easy to grow cannabis strain and high CBD content. It was made from the union of landraces South Indian, Super Skunk, and Brazilian, which means it’s a very powerful, productive, and high quality strain. You’ll love its fruity and wintergreen flavors that will linger in your senses.

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Great White Feminized Strain Details

  • It is still considered short for its height with bushy thick trichrome frostings that produces amazing resins when harvested.
  • Great White Feminized is the result of the genetic combinations of South Indian cannabis plants, Super Skunk, and Brazilian strains, but is exhibiting mostly Indica properties.
  • This strain can be grown whether indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Although when grown outdoors, the typical harvest time would be around the last weeks of September when the location is in the northern hemisphere or if in the southern hemisphere, the last weeks of April would be a great time for harvesting. The expected yield is between 500 and 800 grams per square meter.
  • When smoked, it has a strong floral with a touch of fruity and wintergreen scent. The taste is a little sour which lingers in the mouth. In addition, it has a good potency which delivers a strong high. The effect is also contributed to the THC content, which is around 14% and the stone effects are strong, deep, and long-lasting.
  • This strain is well regarded for helping people that need to manage excessive pain.

Note for Growers
Great White Feminized strain is great even for beginners because it is fairly easy to cultivate and the yields are great. It can be cultivated easily as long as it is getting the right amount of nutrients from the soil which is considered to be an airy type, as well as the right amount of watering and sunlight.

Great White Feminized Strain Specifications

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
Yield : 500 to 800 g / sqm
Height : Medium
Flowering : 7 to 9 weeks
Stone : Very Strong
THC level : 14%
Grow : Easy to Moderate

2 reviews for Great White Feminized

  1. Dustin Hall

    I have germinated 10 seeds 8 sprouted. This is my first ever grow and . I am three weeks into flowering and the buds are looking gorgeously healthy. I’m blissful that I had the pleasure of growing this variety. It was the first plant that I grew and considering that that first time it was on my list of favored strains.

  2. Auriville Racicot

    I planted this variety several times. Always positive results!! Do not underestimate this variety can grow a lot, but a lot! Impressive as it can give rise to any problems in in terms of growing. Great strain, smoked a small joint and it got me high for hours. A strong cerebral high followed by a stronger body high. I highly recommend!

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