Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds

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Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds is a mostly sativa strain that can produce buds with 23 percent THC. It can produce great yields and will flower early. This is a creative strain with energetic, focused, euphoric, uplifting, and happy effects. It is a strain with earthy, grape, lemon, earthy, and grapefruit flavors.

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More About Grapefruit (Feminized)

A mysterious seed strain and an easy to grow one, Grapefruit is one of the friendly seed strains that will never give you worry in cultivation. It is a sativa dominant strain with buds that can greet you with a good feeling.

It has been produced by pollinating Cinderella99 and another great variety. Being a very mysterious seed strain does not define its power. Its THC level has been tested and recorded from 15 to 19 percent.

Talking about its growing structure, Grapefruit is made easy to grow with these feminized seeds. It can complete its flowering phase after nine weeks and can be harvested during the last week of September up to the first week of October.

It can grow up to 36 inches in height, which is considerably compact and small. With that being said, it is an ideal seed strain for stealth growing.

Being very versatile, it can be grown in an indoor or outdoor growing environment provided that it is exposed in a warm and temperate climate.

1 review for Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alta Holloway

    I got starstruck with this plant. The seeds are 100% germinated. 10 out of 10. Started at the backyard, I arranged the growing environment. The plant will cooperate if its environment is very good. Flowering stage are awesome great. I cant wait to harvest my own huge buds! Excellent!

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