Grape Killer 99 Marijuana Seeds

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Grape Killer 99 Marijuana Seeds is a balanced hybrid cannabis strain with high THC at 18 percent. This is a euphoric, happy, hungry, relaxing, and uplifting strain. This comes with citrusy, earthy, grape, spicy, sweet, and berry-flavored buds. It is also a medicinal strain and can relieve depression, pain, stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

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More About Grape Killer 99 (Feminized)

 A seed strain that comes with great effects and a unique aroma, Grape Killer 99 is a well-balanced hybrid with the help of two classic strains in the cannabis industry; Killer Grape and Cinderella 99. With its great family lineage, this seed strain can offer a very powerful influence copulated with a bizarre and fascinating essence.

Not only that, its effect is perfect for recreational reasons, but this seed strain is also quite fantastic in offering great help in the medical cannabis society. Grape Killer 99 is a phenomenon with its exceptionally distinguished THC level that can rise up to 20 percent. Growing it is effortless. As it is easy to grow, various cultivators tend to admire it, followed by its great yielding results.

Being very easy to grow seed strain, it can be developed in an indoor and outdoor growing condition. It is also suitable via the greenhouse. Its size can be regarded from small up to medium with a robust and strong structure. As it grows small, it is hence perfect for indoor cultivation as long as the place is equipped with a high-quality light fixture that can sustain it to expect its generous and abundant yields.


It can finish its flowering phase after nine weeks with up to 450 grams per square meter.

1 review for Grape Killer 99 Marijuana Seeds

  1. Göröncsér Regx

    Very obedient plant. This is one of the best. Whatever you supply to them, it easily absorb by the plant. And It shows how healthier it is. Growing it was so easy. All seeds cooperated, all popped up. Currently on its 5th week now, waiting for me to harvest soon. Cheers!

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